Penrith Woman Win Big in Keno using Late Relatives Numbers

There are several cases of people winning big in the casino using their favorite numbers! We often rely on our gut feeling when it comes to trying luck at casinos.

Following this trend, a Penrith woman won a big amount of $163,273 on 4th September 2019, Wednesday night using her late relative’s lucky numbers. This lucky number has made a shocking discovery that those numbers have delivered her a Keno 9 Spot win.

The woman declared that she is still shaking from the surprise.

The Keno official next afternoon confirmed her prize. The happy woman explained how her Keno win came to be.

“I went out with the girls for a fun night out and I bought a Keno entry using a late relative’s numbers that they always used.

“I was so shocked when I discovered the win, I asked my sister to pinch me to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.”

When asked how she plans to spend her prize, the happy woman said she would put it to good use and she would also pay off some bills and put it towards the mortgage.

The women, who wish to remain anonymous, had purchased her winning entry at Panthers Penrith Rugby Leagues Club.

This win is a startling instance of how people can draw good luck from their lucky numbers, although it may not work every time.

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