The Best Five Canadian Online Sites to Play Keno

Play Keno instantly with awesome bonuses even with your smartphones.


The Best Five Canadian Online Sites to Pl

If you are looking for an instant game of Keno to play online even with your cell phone then smile, there are many online sites that provide Keno to play free or with real money. These online sites are actually online casinos that offer slots, table games, live casino games, bingo, scratch cards, sports betting, stock options as well as the game of Keno to play without any download. These online keno sites are registered, legit and licensed with gambing and Gambling commissions thus offer fair, safe and secure Keno games to play and have fun.

The most interesting features of these online sites is that they offer lucrative bonuses as well as 24.7 help support in case you find difficulty in playing Keno.

Here find the best five Canadian online sites to play Keno in 2019

1. Keno is the best online Canadian friendly site that offers 100% upto $400 plus 200 spins as welcome bonus for Cannucks to play slots, table games, live casinos and game of Keno. You can play Keno for real or for real money with CAD. The Keno game here offered is powered by Playtech.

You can bet from CA$0.02- CA$10. First, select at least 2 and up to 10 numbers on the Keno table by clicking on them. If you changed your mind and want to deselect a number, just click on it again. To deselect all the numbers and start again, click on the Clear button.

While you select the numbers, you can see the Payouts Table on the left. The payouts (winnings) depend on how many numbers you select. The table shows how much money you win (the Payouts column) for any amount of correct numbers (the Hits column). Play Keno in CAD

Now select the amount you want to bet on one game round by clicking the + and – buttons. Then press Play One (play for one round only) or Play Five (play a five-round series).

When you press one of the Play buttons, 20 numbers are drawn. If you have a sufficient amount of hits (winning numbers) you are paid winnings according to the winnings table. If you are playing the five-round series, you can see your last results in the results table on the right.
If you are playing a one-round game, only the result or your last round is displayed here.

The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) in Keno depends on how many numbers are picked.

The lower and upper edges of the game window hold the casino toolbars. These toolbars contain a number of menus and buttons that allow you to change client settings or take advantage of the various features available in the casino client.

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2. Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino

When you Mansion Casino for the first time you are offered CA$5000. Grab 100% extra on your first deposit upto $500. As a high roller bonus get 50% extra when you deposit $1000 or more. Deposit $20 to get started.

Keno game here can be found under Arcade games and you can play for real money or for free. Powered by Playtech this game. First look at the grid, and you’ll quickly see that there are 80 numbers on there. You can now choose ten of these numbers as your digits to play with for the round. Choose a number by clicking on that square, and it will light up to indicate that it has been selected. This is also an easier way for you to keep tabs on your selected numbers.

Mansion casino Keno game in CAD

Now click on the Play button to get things started. The balls will shoot out of the machine at the top of the screen, and they’ll land onto their corresponding numbers within the grid. Hold your breath as you wait to see if your numbers will get a hit!

Along the left side of the board, you’ll see a box for the payouts. This tells you how much you’ll get paid if you receive that number of matching digits. If, for example, you manage to hit all ten numbers on the nose, you’ll receive ten thousand units! The next aspect to note is the Play One and Play Five option. This gives you the choice to play a single round at a time, or, alternatively, to play five in a row. The advantage of playing five in a row is that you increase the excitement and the results exponentially because you aren’t wasting time in between rounds picking numbers. Instead, the system just saves your original picks and applies them to each of the five rounds.

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3. Spin Palace Casino

Spin Palace Casino CAD

When you join Spin Palace Canada you will get great signup bonuses of $1000 CAD in your first three deposits which is 100% matching bonus on the first deposit of up to $250, 25% matching bonus on the second deposit up to $300 and 50% matching bonus on the third deposit.

There are two awesome keno games to play here Keno regular game and Monkey Keno. Game is played like the standard keno game. Powered by Microgaming, you can bet from $0.10 CAD to $10.

Spin Palace Casino Keno Game

Monkey Keno uses the game board numbers marked 1-80. You have to mark up to 15 spots on the board and 20 numbers are randomly drawn per game. A hit is when a spot marked by the players is one of the drawn numbers.

You begin the game by selecting the bet amount, then select spots on the board and click play to start the game. The special features in the game are hot and cold maps which lists the 10 most drawn numbers and the 10 least drawn numbers. Clicking on either hot or cold numers will use all the numbers on spot selections.

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4. Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas casino Keno

When you join Royal Vegas you are offered welcome bonus of up to $1,200 + 120 free spins on your first three deposits. You make your first deposit and get a 100% match bonus, up to $250, as well as 30 Free Spins on slot game,  In your second deposit you get a 25% match bonus, up to $200, as well as 40 Free Spins and you get a 50% match bonus, up to $750, as well as 50 Free Spins.

Like Spin Palace there are two variations of online keno available at Royal Vegas Canada which Monkey Keno and the standard game of Keno.

Royal Vegas Keno

This lottery-type game provides numbers from 1 to 80, arranged in 8 rows of 10 numbers each. Once you have made sure you have enough funds in your account and selected the bet amount, click a number on the keno board to select it and hit Play. You can select up to fifteen numbers which become highlighted as you pick them. When the numbers are drawn at random and if your numbers are selected, you win – it’s as simple as that.

The payout is based on the percentage of matching numbers regardless of how many you have selected. For example if you select two numbers and match both of them, you stand a higher chance of winning a higher payout than if you picked 15 numbers and matched three of them.

Although the chance of matching all the 15 numbers you have picked does not happen very often, the good news is there’s still a chance you could walk away with $10,000 in keno winnings!

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5. Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot city casino Canada

Grab CAD1600 as welcome bonus and you get 100% back on your first 4 deposits. On your first deposit of CA$400 you get free bonus of CA$400 and get total credits of CA$800 to play with. On your second deposit of CA$200 you get CA$200 with CA$400 to play and on your third deposit of CA$100 you get CA$100 and play with CA$200

Here find two standard Keno games powered by Microgaming which has the similar rules as Keno game offered by Royal Vegas Casino.

Keno games at online casinos

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Now enjoy the game of Keno online and play with real Canadian dollars with awesome bonuses as well.

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