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If you choose to play Keno on our recommended sites, you will not have any problem since the game is easy to play and the only thing you will have to do is to choose the numbers you want. There is no need to use your brain too much and the game is always fun.

Keno was popular in the Land Casinos and now it is even more popular in the online casinos. It offers the excitement to the player and online game looks more as a lottery.

It easy to win with Keno game online

The keno winners will have to make the real money profits according to the original bet and the number of the match that he has marked on his keno tickets. However, you have to be aware that house edge is always more compared to other games in the casino. The trade off this game is that if you use less thinking, then you will be exposing yourself to high risk.

However, the good news is that the game is fun to play and there is more money that you can win if you are lucky. You have also to know if you play Keno, that house edge will be much lower compared to other casinos found online. This is why you have to do your homework carefully.

Why you should play Keno online?

Jackpot City Keno game

The benefits of playing Keno online are that you will be able to save money and time while you will be playing on your convenience. Keno software is the best and the sounds and the graphics make the player feel as if he is in the real casino. The best part about playing for real is that the house edge is always lower compared to land casino. Another advantage of playing online is that you can have different variations of the Keno games that are found online.

If you are playing Keno for real money, you have to start by choosing at least 15 numbers from the available numbers of 80. If you choose to go for a low number then, you will win less if you get a chance. The players get a keno card, he chooses the number that he thinks that will come up on the screen and he has to wait if these numbers will come up.

On our websites, the winning will be accompanied by the sounds and graphics which will be used in creating the effects of land casino. When the numbers that the players have chosen came up, then he will go to claim the prize.

Get to know your payout

The game payouts are dependent on how many numbers you select on the Keno board.

The first column, numbered 0 to 15, indicates the number of matches.

Keno online game payout table

The left column, with numbers 0 to 15, indicates the number of matches.


  • 7 matches off eleven numbers pay out 15x your initial bet.
  • 2 matches off 10 numbers payout 0.5x your initial bet.
  • 6 matches off six numbers pay out 75x your initial bet.

Get more experience by playing Keno for free

If you are thinking about playing Keno online, we advise you that you start by playing the fun mode first. This is meant to give you the feeling about how to play this game feels. The number of the bets to choose will depend on the number of hours you wish to spend while playing this game. If you are interested in winning high number of prizes, then you have to make larger bets.

There are many winning strategies that have been developed that can help you to win this game and you have to be careful about the changes in the keno payout and odds. This is why it can be more profitable when you make the bet on 3 numbers compared to 4 numbers.

However, before you choose to play Keno, you have to know that it is all about gambling and gambling is more about being lucky.

Leading online casinos where you can play Keno

If you want to play Keno for real money, you have to try out the following casinos:

Jackpot city

Jackpot city casino canada keno

It is the best gaming destination for many players who wishes to enjoy playing different games online. When you join this casino, you will get free offer of C$1600 free in match deposits which you can split in order to enjoy the gaming experience more. The company is licensed under the Malta government and it offers the players secure and safe gaming environment for 24 hours. The website has more than 400 game including Keno so you will be assured of having the game you like most.

Spin Palace 

Spin palace Canada

This is another website where you can play Keno. This casino had been recognized around the world and the players enjoy playing different games on this casino especially because they offer the biggest jackpot in the gaming environment that exceeds most of the time all the expectation. The casino has acquired the reputation and it is considered to be among the best casino you can find online. Canada

This is also one of the online casinos that it is becoming too popular. The casino offers more options for playing online and the players can get most of the games that he will be able to enjoy.

Besides these there are various other Canadian friendly casinos online that offer Keno games to play.

How to bank for your Keno game?

If you want to play Keno for real money, the first thing that you need to get is to have the method of depositing. You can deposit using your credit cards, Instadebit, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafe card, Citadel direct and Clickpay among others.

The same methods can also be used to withdrawal your winnings. Most of the time, the online casinos will choose to send your winning through the options you used to deposit.

Note that like slots, keno is a game of pure chance and there is no skill involved to play or win. Also the keno has a house edge of somewhere between 20 and 50%  and this varies depending on how many numbers are played and the rate of play. The odds are comparable with slot machines, but keno remains popular at online Canadian casinos with players who are not interested in video slots.

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