Rainbow Colours 49 – The New Keno Type Virtual Game At Canadian Online Casinos

Rainbow Colours 49 – The new keno type virtual game now at Canadian online casinos

Lately Golden race launched a brand new lottery game called the Rainbow colours 49 which is an engaging and vivid game based on randomly drawn 6 balls from a pool of 49.

In this game the balls are numbered from 1 to 49 and have four different colours:

  • 16 Green balls
  • 16 Red balls
  • 16 Blue balls
  • 1 Black ball

It is possible to bet on the numbers as well as on the colours, making this game highly entertaining due to the huge amount of betting markets. Since the paytable has been customised to offer attractive and competitive prizes, casino players are able to win up to x500,000!

How To Play Rainbow Colours 49?

How to play Rainbow Colours 49
Rainbow Colours 49

To play Rainbow Colours 49 you need to join any Canadian friendly online casino like 888 casino.

 Now join the casino and register yourself as a player

Make a friendly deposit of CA$10 if playing Rainbow Colour 49 with real money


Simply play for free

Go to the games lobby and search Rainbow colour 49 and click on play now.

Generally this ball game lasts between 2 to 6 minutes.

How to play Rainbow Colours 49 at online casinos
Rainbow colors 49 – Game Play

When you begin to play you will be able to visualize the complete sequence of the game, seeing important information such as statistics, pay tables, results, as well as the draw.

Rainbow colors 49
Bet on numbers or colors in this game

Players will be able to bet on numbers from 1 to 49 and/or on the following colours: Red, Green, Blue and Black.

  • Numbers: The player picks 1 to 4 numbers. The bet wins if the chosen numbers are among the six balls drawn, in any order.
  • Rainbow: The player selects 6 to 10 or 15 numbers. The selection is a winner if 3 or more of the selected numbers are within the 6 balls drawn. The more balls that match the 6 balls drawn, the higher the prize won.
  • No Draw: The player selects 1 to 6 numbers. The selection wins if the selected numbers are not within the 6 drawn balls.
  • Winning Colour: The player picks a colour between Red, Green and Blue. The bet is winning if there are more balls of the chosen colour among the six drawn balls. There is also the possibility of betting Draw. The bet wins if no colour has been drawn more than the others.
  • Total Colour: The possible selections available for this market for red, green and blue are 0, 2 or more, 3 or more, 4 or more, 5 or more, or 6. The bet is won if the selected balls of the selected colour are drawn.
  • First Ball Colour: The player picks one to four colours. The bet wins if the first selected balls drawn exactly match the colours selected. Black ball included.

Play Keno and Keno Deluxe

Play Keno and Keno Deluxe
80 Ball Keno

Golden Race also  offers Keno and Keno Deluxe for Canadians to play at online casinos.

Keno and Keno Deluxe is like standard keno classic 80 number game

You need to pick up to 8 numbers from a board of 80, the system randomly draws 20. The more hits, the more you win. The chances of hitting a number diminishes with each number hit, but the payouts keep growing!

With a game running every 2, 3, 4, or 5 minutes, the potential hits are endless.  Keno is extremely popular, and the perfect quick game to schedule between other bigger events. There is every new keno game to play every 2, 3, 4, or 5 Minutes. Also you can play using a Quick Bet or with a multiplier option.

About Golden Race

Golden Race is a leading developer and provider of award-winning virtual sports and betting solutions. The company offers the first real sportsbook with a virtual outcome. Based on realistic odds, their virtual sports engage players constantly, generating more than 15 million tickets per day through major casino partners around the world. GoldenRace virtual games includes more than 20 virtual football leagues and tournaments, a great variety of races and number games, and other innovative virtual sports -such as Real Fighting and 3×3 Basketball.

Being the global leader in virtual football league play and pre-recorded video sports, their games have been licensed and certified in the most demanding jurisdictions and are currently available in over 50,000 shops and more than 400 websites.

Founded in Malta in 2006, GoldenRace owns several major brands in the industry, including Spinmatic in the area of Slot development and the live games provider HollywoodTV. Click here to know more about their games.

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