The Best 4 Casinos in Canada to Play Keno

Canada is one of the most popular gambling destinations and is also a country rich in history and culture. The Rocky Mountains are one of the attractions that see people from around the world venturing to Canada every year. Gambling is yet another major industry that is popular amongst tourists.

Nowadays people are not only traveling to Las Vegas for their betting adventures, but they are looking for new destinations like Macau, South Africa, Canada, and Russia. The old gambling concepts are slowly dying and giving way to the new.

Here, I will talk about some of the best casinos to visit in this amazing country!

1. Playground Poker Club – Montreal

Located in North America, this venue was open for public in 2010 to play poker or card games for everyone. You could also stumble upon some famous names like Antonio Esfandiari, Gavin Smith, and Phil Laak.  It is better to avoid going head-to-head with them though!

The atmosphere here is quite low-key but still more modern and sleek. The staffs are good and there’s a feeling of a purpose-built venue to the place.

2 – Casino De Montreal

This venue is one of the largest gambling hubs in the world, with a capacity of 4,000 people. You have an option of playing over 3,200 slot machines as well as 120 different gaming tables laid out before you over three different floors.

This place is known for its hospitality and staff are revered for their high levels of customer service. The Casino de Montreal is the perfect center for those who are serious gamblers, and also for those who are looking for a high-stakes game.

3.  Billiard Fats – Montreal

It’s just one of the best places to visit in Canada if you’re casually visiting and fancy a flutter. You can enjoy the fun of playing poker and also soak in some of the best authentic Canadian cultures by blending with real locals, rather than high-rollers from out of town.

Technically this cannot be termed as a casino, but it is definitely worth paying a visit if you’re ever in Montreal. This is a real gritty hub with a cool feel and vibe. Drinks are quite inexpensive and the staff can be very welcoming and hospitable. When it comes to gaming, there are many slots available and on some nights they stage poker games also. So it is a mix of gambling and relaxing. If you looking for pure gaming then this isn’t your place but you can have fun without gaming too!

4. Casino Niagra – Toronto

Without visiting Niagra Falls, no visit to Canada is complete. It is the only waterfall site in the world that is better than the awe and wonder of Iguazu falls in Argentina. This casino offers you poker games, but if you’re not much of a bluffer, there are several other options to get engaged with.

You can find over 1,300 slot machines, all tailored to different levels of skill, from the seasoned gambler to the first-time punter. You will find paltry 10 table games ranging from roulette to blackjack also, but the main attraction for sports fans is the sports-wagering area which includes a wide range of sports from soccer to ice hockey.

In the weekend you can enjoy live music to take your mind off the money you may have lost at the blackjack table.


Canada is a great country as there are a plethora of things to do. Canada offers something to gamblers that Las Vegas can’t – a great environment to enjoy gaming responsibly, rather than being caught up in the ‘glitz and glamour’.

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