What Are The Two Popular Keno Lounges In Nebraska?

Keno Lounges in Nebraska

Nebraska is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is bordered by South Dakota to the north; Iowa to the east and Missouri to the southeast, both across the Missouri River; Kansas to the south; Colorado to the southwest; and Wyoming to the west.

There are many ways to get from Nebraska to Canada by plane, bus, train, night bus or car. The journey time between Nebraska and Canada is around 2 days 8h and covers a distance of around 1627 km. This includes an average layover time of around 37h 13m. The fastest journey normally takes 2 days 2h. Operated by Burlington Trailways, Flixbus USA, VIA Rail and others, the Nebraska to Canada service departs from Omaha, Ne and arrives in Eglinton Ave West at Russell Hill Rd. Typically four services run weekly, although weekend and holiday schedules can vary so check in advance. Also Delta, United Airlines and three other airlines fly from Omaha to Winnipeg every 2 hours.

You can play Keno games in Nebraska as a lottery as well as video keno games both online and at land casinos.

What are the two popular Keno Lounges in Nebraska?

The two popular Keno Lounges in Nebraska are:

  • Lucky Keno Main Parlor
  • Big Red Keno

1. Lucky Keno Main Parlor

Lucky Keno Nebraska
Lucky Keno Nebraska

Lucky’s Keno Main Parlor is a small gaming and entertainment facility located in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. If you are an avid Keno player or slot machine enthusiast then this is an ideal destination for you. The Bar offers the best of delectable foods which include burgers and juicy ribs. You can come to this bar with your family and friends so as to enjoy the menu and cocktail drinks offered at the bar. The slots area offers a good selection of slot machines to choose from including some of the latest multi-game slots.

Keno is played as a lottery game here where numbers are randomly selected from a pool of 80 numbers. Players place wagers on the numbers that they hope will be drawn. A person may select anywhere from 1 to 20 numbers and place wagers that the numbers they have selected will be the numbers drawn.

All you need is to obtain a bet slip from the keno caddies located throughout the lounge or parlor. Select from 1 through 15 numbers, or play one of the specialized games found in the betting books located around the lounge or keno parlor.

Use a keno-betting book to help select the type of game or wager you would like to play and mark this on your ticket.

Select the number of games you’d like to play and the amount you would like to wager on each game on your bet slip.

Give your bet slip to one of our friendly keno writers. In return, you will receive a computer-generated ticket showing the wager you made. You must check your ticket for accuracy before leaving the keno writer station.

Lucky Keno Results
Lucky Keno Results Can Be Displayed Online

Watch for the numbers that have been selected on the “keno board” or television monitors at the location you are playing keno. Twenty out of eighty numbers are selected for each game.

The amount you win is dependent on the amount of numbers you selected, the type of game and the amount you wagered.

If you win you need to claim the prize. All tickets played for less than 21 games must be claimed immediately after the last game has been called. Tickets purchased for 21-999 games may be claimed up to 30 days following the date of the ticket purchase. If you’re not sure your ticket is a winner go to the keno counter and ask the keno writer to scan your ticket. They will gladly let you know if your ticket has won anything.

Lucky Keno Game play
Lucky Keno Game play

Note that Way tickets are a method of placing several different wagers on a single keno ticket. To play a Way ticket, simply circle groups of numbers for the combinations you would like to play.

For more details you can contact at  (308) 635-7640 or emsil them at nebraskaluckykeno@gmail.com

KenoCloud Web Portal Interface is a convenient way to view “Live” Keno ball draws from your favorite casino; check your Keno tickets for winning numbers and view Hot & Cold numbers from past drawings using your Internet browser.

Click here to check the hot and cold numbers of Lucky Keno online

2. Big Red Keno Lincoln West

Big Red Keno
Big Red Keno

Big Red Keno conducts live-ball draw keno games every five minutes at four Big Red Restaurant & Sports Bar locations in Omaha, Lincoln, Fremont, and Norfolk. Keno games are broadcast via satellite to more than 240 locations throughout eastern Nebraska and online.

To play Big Red Keno either use Quick Pick option to play the keno or take out a Keno betting slip from the Keno table caddy.

Use the Quarter Mania Side and mark the 20 of your lucky keno numbers.

Now present your Keno bet slip good for four games and $1 to the Keno writer to get your ticket and watch for your winning numbers on the screen.

Big Red Keno Game Play
Big Red Keno Game Play

If you are new to Keno here then note that Quarter Mania is a favourite game of many players as youc can make your Quarter go a long way. Mark your ticket Quarter and pick up to 20 numbers. This game has a $1 minimum ticket with a 25 cent minimum wager per way.

There are a variety of keno games to play here like Top/Bottom, Big Bang, Winner Take All, Hog Wild, 20 spot, Lucky n Wild 7-11, High Rollers, Penny Keno and 90’s Keno.

While you can’t make keno bets online, you can tune in to see the game results as they happen and develop your numbering strategy.

Here you can find the largest operator of Las Vegas-style keno to play.

Big Red Keno is the biggest operator of live ball draw keno in the US. They also have their own app at app store for iPhone and Google Play store for Android cell phones. The Big Red Keno app lets you watch live games, provides the latest game results and has a check your ticket function.

What you can do with Big Red Keno app is watch the live ball draw feed from any of their four main locations.

Also find game results select a location and date to view winning combinations or a ball draw frequency report. Also you can check tickets. All you need is to scan your ticket barcode or enter your ticket number manually to view results Also set up your profile with your favorite location.

No matter the occasion or who you share it with, a great time starts with BIG RED KENO live-ball draw play and is fueled by food and drinks, moved by music, or watching your favorite sporting event on three 14-foot super screens and 60+ TVs positioned for your ultimate sport viewing.

Big Red Restaurant & Sports Bar has earned the confidence of their customers with a variety of menu options and specials. Their exceptional staff focuses on serving you the customer so that you will want to come back again and again. Also this keno lounge has been selected as a 2021 Lincoln Choice Winner.

Winners Lounge and Keno
Winners Lounge and Keno

Besides these two popular Keno lounges in Nebraska, there is Winners Lounge & Keno is a gaming and entertainment facility located in Omaha in the state of Nebraska. The bar provides so much entertainment including live keno games, ping pong balls and so much more. The live keno is popular amongst the locals and this is something they enjoy with a cold beer.  A wide selection of snacks and foods are offered at the bar including many different local and international beers.

Next time when you visit Nebraska and want to play keno then visit these Keno hotspots or play online at casinos.

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