6 Tricks to Open the Keno Vault

Keno is fast, fun and amazingly rewarding. It’s a very popular option of state and national lotteries in Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA. It’s not much different from Bingo, the only difference is you do not have to form patterns on a virtual bingo card to win.  You just have to select a ‘spot’ of numbers and get paid out defined odds based on the matching numbers offered by the machine.

Here, I have compiled 6 tricks that are most effective and you can use these to maximize your odds of winning and building a bankroll of crisp Canadian dollars:

1. Search the Best Keno Bonus

This is the most effective way to optimize your game. You should find out and play keno games that are known to have bonus wins and on the spot payouts. There are many betting options that provide special bonus rounds with increased odds, progressive jackpots, free rounds that offer 5x to 10x the published payouts.

2. Look Around for the Best Odds

Now you should find the best value for your money. Search for online and mobile casinos that offer multiple Keno games and compare the payouts. Then also look for gambling destinations that are powered by multiple games suppliers, and after doing a quick comparative evaluation of the Keno odds and the welcome casino bonuses opt for the best. 

3. Select Sequential Numbers

If you have been playing Keno regularly you’d know that sequential numbers have a habit of coming up frequently. You just have to decide on which sequence or sequences of numbers to wager on.  You can choose two or three sequential low numbers and the same order of high numbers. 

4. Be Consistent

Be consistent on wagering on the same set of numbers over and over again. Pick your numbers randomly and hope for the best or you can select the numbers that you can remember or have importance in your life like your birth date, social security number or any other digits with some value for you.

5. Play Five Numbers

Keno is a French word that means ‘five winning numbers’.  This simply says choosing a five or six spot as the best way to play the game. The chances of matching fewer numbers are much higher and the maximum payouts cannot ward off.  Although payouts may differ from casino to casino, you can expect around 810:1 on a five spot and 1600:1 on a six spot.

6. Bet Max When You’re Financially Better off

It is always better to bet max when you are playing with the casino’s cash.  So, when you get more money in your account than you started with, take risk of betting max. It is the time to double-down for the big bonus win and expect for a red-hot winning streak. 


Above-listed is the most effective and simple tricks to play keno prudently and increase your odd to win more frequently than ever before.

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