How to check Keno results in Quebec?

Check results of Instant Keno in Quebec

Quebec lottery offers Instant Keno game to play and enjoy. Keno ticket costs CA$1, CA$2, CA$3, CA$4 and CA$5.  The grand price you can win against the amount of tickets is CA$10,000, $20,000, $75000, $100000, $250,000. This Keno game was launched in August 2016 and is not much old game.

To play this game you need to select 8 numbers from the 80 available, or select Auto Pick, then press DRAW to draw 20 numbered balls. At any moment, click on QUICK PLAY to speed up the drawing process.

At the unveiling of the winning numbers, if you have chosen 3 or more numbers identical to the winning numbers, you win the corresponding prize, as indicated in the prize table.

How to check the results of Instant Keno?

There are various ways to check the results of Instant Keno Lotto

1. Check the Keno result with the lottery retailer

Check Quebec Keno lotto result

You can check the Keno Results at the lottery retailer. The retailer can scan your tickets on the machine to see whether or not you have won.

2. Use online ticket checker to know Keno results

Check Quebec Lotto results

You can check the tickets yourself using your computer, your mobile phone, your tablet or the self-serve ticket checker. The online ticket checker can only be used to verify tickets issued by a Loto-Québec terminal within the past 12 months. If you have a winning ticket, the prize amount will be displayed on your screen. To claim your prize, just bring your ticket to a retailer for validation.

3. You can check Keno results with lottery app

Check Keno results with App

You may check terminal-issued tickets with your mobile device. To do so, download the Lotteries mobile application, which can read the 2D bar code (QR code) positioned on all terminal-issued lottery tickets.

With the app you can receive the winnings to which you are entitled directly in your Espacejeux account; verify your terminal-issued tickets; consult draw results; create a lottery group that fits your likings or join an existing group; receive alerts on upcoming jackpots; prepare and save your selections in your favourites and generate a bar code to play at a retailer.

4. Check Keno results at physical self ticket checker terminals

Self ticket checker terminal to check keno results in Quebec

Just insert your ticket in the self-serve ticket checker. The device does not emit any specific sound or print a coupon. It is therefore important to read the message displayed on the screen.

All tickets issued by a terminal may be checked with a self-serve ticket checker. Insert your ticket in the optical scanner with the verification code facing upward so that it can be read. If you have a winning ticket, the prize will be displayed on the screen. To claim the prize, ask the retailer to validate your ticket. As is the case for the lottery terminals, Loto-Québec manages the entire network of ticket checkers. As a result, you can trust the information you’re given when you check your tickets.

Finally note that the ticket checker–both at the retailer or online–and the app can only verify whether or not you have a winning ticket. If you have a winning ticket, the prize will be displayed.

5. Check the winning numbers at online site

Know instant Keno results in Quebec

Lotto Quebec website offers detailed results of every lotto games including keno. You can check it online and know the Keno winning numbers.

Remember the odds of winning a prize in Keno is: 1 in 2.5 ($1 and $2 bet) and 1 in 2.4 ($3, $4 and $5 bet). Odds of winning the grand prize is: 1 in 2,000,000 ($1 and $2 bet), 1 in 4,000,000 ($3 bet) and 1 in 6,000,000 ($4 and $5 bet).

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