How to play Big Time banker keno?

How to play Big Time banker keno?

Big Time Banker Keno is a standard 80 spot keno game with a 20 number draw. The player may pick between 3-10 numbered spots on the card.

The Big Time Banker Bonus is free, does not require a win, and may only be triggered during the base game. If the player hits four (4) Big Time Banker logos, they trigger the Big Time Banker Bonus. If the player hits five (5) Big Time Banker Bonus logos, they trigger the Super Big Time Banker Bonus. The Super Big Time Banker Bonus includes six (6) enhanced pays – these pays are larger than six of the Big Time Banker Bonus pays.

Big time banker

Both the Big Time Banker Bonus and the Super Big Time Banker Bonus present the player with a “timed” bonus in which they are presented one of 30 potential prizes – 28 credit prizes and 1 Extra Time, and 1 Extra Bank – one at a time. They are initially allowed to keep 3 of the offered prizes. Players are given an amount of time in which to accept or reject the offered prize. If they do nothing, the prize will be auto-banked. If they bank the prize, it will be awarded to them along with any other banked credit prizes at the end of the bonus.

Super big time banker bonus

If they reject the prize, another prize will be offered to them until the time on the bonus clock runs out. The bonus ends when the allowed number of prizes has been accepted, when “time” has run out, or when the maximum win has been achieved. The timer is not based on real-time, and there is no strategy gained by playing faster or slower.

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