How to Play Keno Kong?

How to Play Keno Kong Canada

Keno Kong was launched in 2019 by Fun Fair Gaming where you can win up to 1000000FUN (Funfair native crypto coin). In this cartoon-style version of the infamous King Kong story, with vibrant artwork and a stunning soundscape bringing players right into the heart of the city-under-siege.

Keno Kong takes from the best of bingo and lottery gameplay, with players choosing between three and ten numbers on the 10×8 grid. The Guaranteed Fair random number generator then draws 20 numbers at random with players winning bigger the more numbers they match. The more matches you get, the higher is your winning. RTP is ranging between 94.35% and 95.96% depending on how many numbers you pick.

Players have the choice of covering the board with the maximum 10 picks, or choosing a few select numbers to increase their risk for bigger wins, while they can also customise the game to their choosing with Auto Play, Quick Play and Quick Select options.

How to play Keno Kong?

How to play Keno Kong with Bitcoins in Canada

Join any Bitcoin casino and once you load the game on your gaming screen be it PC or mobile, use the up and down arrow buttons to set your desired bet. Press numbers on the game board to pick them. Press picked numbers to unselect them.

Also you can press the clear button to clear the board of all picked numbers. Press the quick pick button to automatically select 10 numbers. You must pick at least 3 numbers to play the game and can select up to 10 numbers.

The prices on offer will vary depending on how many numbers you pick. You can check the paytable for more info on prices.

Hot and cold numbers will also be shown alongside recent draw history to see how they’re getting on, allowing for changes in strategy for future picks.

There is no set wagering requirement or minimum bet. Well there is a minimum bet on the game which is 100 FUN. There are 15 prizes across 5 levels totalling a possible 420,000 FUN.

Where to play Keno Kong?

Keno in Bitccins

The Games Producer, Geoff Scaplehorn commented that Keno Kong is yet another blockchain first for FunFair, Players can grapple the big wins of Keno Kong right now at CasinoFair and Crypto Casino, and with game-specific promotional, it will be more profitable than ever for players trying it out.

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