Keno Winning Strategies Suggested by Keno Experts

Keno winning strategies suggested by Keno Experts for 2020

Keno is a game of chance and when playing often players look for best of winning strategies to play and win the game. But the truth is there is no such sure shot trick to win the games of Keno whether you play at online casino to enjoy it at real land-based casinos in Canada. Though playing online Keno at casinos and sites with your PC or smartphone is quite easy but the game works randomly to pick the winning numbers. This means you are going to be playing a number predicting game on which you are faced with picking out up to 15 numbers from one to eighty. You will find this is a multi-stake game and it is also available to play online for free.

Once you pick the stake level at which to play it or and have picked out by clicking onto the number displayed on the playing panel just how many numbers you wish to play, a paytable will be displayed on the side of the screen. That paytable will give you an idea of how many numbers you have to match to win the corresponding number of coins. You then simply click on the play or start button and the Keno game will then randomly select 20 numbers. The more numbers you then match the more you will win!

Many Canadian punters find the ten spots bet the best of Keno games to play as this is the best bet that you can place for that bet often give players the very lowest house edge, however, you will have to learn how to play that game optimally to benefit from the very best house edge possible.

If you wish to play this game then it may beneficial for you to play first for free or fun before playing it for real money as by doing so you will be able to know how to play it optimally before putting any real CAD at risk.

The minimum stake to play Keno

The minimum stake that you will be able to play Keno casino games for will be determined by just which casino site you are playing at. The standard minimum stake is 0.01 however some casino sites will have different minimum and also maximum stake limits in place on their games. You will, however, find plenty of adjustable stake options are available and as such you will never be forced to play any game you do enjoy playing online or at a mobile casino site for stake levels, you find too high or expensive.

Here find the best winning strategies as put forward by Keno experts which you can use to maximize your chances of building a bankroll of  Canadian dollars each time you wish to play Keno at online casinos.

Play Best Keno Bonus Games

The best way to optimise your game time is to play Keno games that have bonus wins over and above the spot payouts.  You’ll find betting options that offer special bonus rounds with enhanced odds, progressive jackpots, free rounds or marked spots that deliver 5x or even 10x the published payouts. You can easily find such Keno bonus games at online casinos as well as at lottery sites in Canada like play now Canada and other such lottery corporation sites like BCLC, WCLC or OLG.

Look for the Best Keno Odds

One thing which is beneficial for playing keno games at online casinos is that you can find the best value for your CAD.  Find those casinos that have more than one Keno game and compare the payouts. Also look for keno games or casinos that provide a variety of games powered by different game suppliers like Microgaming, Playtech, RTG and others. This way you can do a quick comparative analysis of the Keno odds and the welcome casino bonuses.  Grab the New Player Welcome Bonus that will give you a winning edge as these bonuses are available at almost all of the best Canadian online casinos to play Keno.

 Pick Keno numbers wisely

How often you tend to use Keno numbers by guessing your lucky number. The most successful Keno players tend to wager on the same set of numbers over and over again.  You can pick numbers randomly and hope for the best or you can base your choice on your birth date,  phone number, social security number or any other digits that may have some sort of meaning to you.  Alternatively, you can check out your daily horoscope for your lucky numbers and play those instead. Believe it choosing Keno numbers wisely will often open your luck to win the game.

Select Sequential Numbers

If you play Keno regularly you’ve probably noticed sequential numbers have a habit of coming up quite frequently.  You have to decide on which sequence or sequences of numbers to wager on.  You can hedge your bets by choosing two or three consecutive low numbers and similar sets of high numbers. 

Get to play Five Numbers

Keno is a French derivative of ‘quine’ or ‘five winning numbers’.  This is arguable because choosing a five or six spot is regarded as the optimal way to play the game.  The probability of matching fewer numbers is far higher and the maximum payouts are not to be sneezed at.  Although payouts vary from casino to casino, you can bank around 810:1 on a five-spot and a tantalizing 1600:1 on a six spot.

Bet Max at no deposit casinos

Experts believe that betting max increases your odds to win specially if you use no deposit free cash at the casino. This way you don’t put your money to risk but play with the free bonus amount that you have got at the casino. Therefore bet max and see luck dwindling on your side. Remember but to read the terms and conditions of any bonus offer that you grab at the casino as many bonuses have strings attached like wagering requirements or cashout restrictions.

Play wisely

Well, this last and important winning strategy is the favorite for all sensible punters. You need to act wisely while playing online Keno games. Don’t chase your losses and don’t carry on playing for long hours if you win. Because it can be a topsy-turvy day, as losers might lose more while chasing for a win and winners might lose what they have won thinking to gain more. Always stick to your bankroll and stick to your budget to play wisely and responsibly. 

Now follow these best winning strategies by keno expert when you play keno next time at online casinos in Canada.

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