The 10 Famous Sports Bar in Toronto to Enjoy

Sports Bar in Toronto

Do you know a sports bar is a place where televised sport is shown continuously? So what makes a sports bar successful? Is it the drinks or visitors that make it popular? Though these two factors are also a reason but the most important factors are the games that it screens. The games that are most favourite and liked by visitors like cricket, hockey, football, soccer and also it should have number of TVs across the bar so that everyone watches the sports whether bar is crowded or not. You also tend to meet some of the thousands of people who are like you passionate about enjoying sports and other events at bar.

Also besides good food there should be right seating arrangement too. Let us know about the 10 famous sports bar in Toronto where you can enjoy when in Canada.

1. Real Sports Bar

Reel Sports bar

Located near the Air Canada Centre since 1989, this indie sports bar is the right place for sports fans.  On any game night there can be more than 1000 people watching with rapt attention. With a large screen the number of games are often on at once when you wish to stay there for hours watching sports. Also don’t be surprised to find screens even at the washrooms. Just have the tap of beer or wine you want and sit with the game of choice.

2. Dizzy Gastro Sports Pub

Dizzy Bar

This Canadian “gastro” sports pub provides a warm yet social atmosphere and enjoy every the game along with your exceptional food. You can have chicken wings with delightful sauces such as Jamaican Jerk or Lemon Pepper. Or you can get a pear and blue cheese salad and follow it up with linguine to be a little different. This Roncesvalles pub has a very small area in the front to sit outside, which is prime real estate during the summer months. Booths are comfortable and large enough to sprawl out among the friendly staff ready to offer you the best with daily televised sports

3. The Football Factory

Football Factory

As the name of the bar suggest you might think it is some factory that makes football (lol) but it neither makes football nor displays football on their screens. It is a bar with soccer. If you aren’t interested in soccer, the patio may be the best place to enjoy the drinks and atmosphere. Inside, supportive Toronto FC fans come adorned in red-and-white. There are 13 high definition televisions, with four private booths to control what you watch. The menus are impressively diverse, with food that ranges from lemon butter poached white fish to a pretty spectacular brunch. This is market-fresh local food at its finest, in an unexpected location.

4. Rally Sports Bar 

Rally Sports Bar

This bar is rally of TVs and drinks. Spread across in 7000 square feet, 40 high definition TVs and 13 drafts at Rally’s, where almost every sport is played every day of the year. You an enjoy your Sunday and have brunch and spend some high quality time with your friends choosing from the  meat-heavy menu of “New American” style pub fare. Pair the game with some wood-fired, slow-cooked southern BBQ from pulled pork poutine to blackened salmon.

5. The Loose Moose 

Loose Moose

Located near the CN Tower and Air Canada Centre, this is a great bar to go to before the game or to watch the game itself. Craft beers and rare imports will make it hard to decide what you are drinking. You can taste a wide variety before making your choice to drink. You will hear cheers often during the games telecast that you will feel and find your self watching a live performance of the game.

6. The Dock Ellis

Dock Ellis

The Dock Ellis sports bart offers some reasonably priced libations and a great setting to watch the game. As it is dimly lit, Dock Ellis seems more romantic but when the game attracts  huge crowd you will find all hooked to the screens sitting behind the bar. Bar food has variety with sandwiches, homemade chips and pickles too.

7. Shark Club

Shark Club

This bar is twice voted Canada’s best sports bar and it carries on the tradition of a premium sports experience. Next to the Eaton Centre and prime Toronto attractions, it is an ideal stop for a tourist. They even organize meet-ups with great sports stars from around the world. With a massive HD TV in the middle of the bar and 57 smaller ones, every seat in the house has a stellar view of the game. Shark Club boasts a 90′ long full colour sports ticker, a massive 15’6″ big screen TV and an additional 57 LED TV’s for a great view of the game from any seat. This bar this at Yonge and Dundas has quickly become a lively social hub since its its third-floor patio innovation overlooking the downtown core.

8. The Ballroom

Ball Room

The Ballroom is a bowling alley, a sports bar and an entertainment centre. It can hold up to 900 people for these varied activities, on the South East corner of John and Richmond. It accommodates variety of games from ping pong pool or foosball.  If you wish to play some XBox or stuff that too you can have. With best food and drinks it is the perfect bar.

9. Wayne Gretzky’s

Wayne Bar

Wayne’s has 32 HD televisions that play “all sports, all the time.” A great selection of beers, and Martinis, ice wine as a flavour enhancer and good food like “The Great One’s Burger” with the number 99 his jersey number seared onto the bun to admire. The bar has an oasis rooftop patio which is quite popular in the summer months, with square couches dusted with pillows.

10. Monarch Tavern

Monarch Tavern

It is the oldest bar in town. It’s a classic neighbourhood bar with craft beer on tap, 30 plus bourbons, and good food. There’s also pool, pinball, darts, and an atmosphere that’s made this a neighbourhood mainstay for decades, whether there’s a game on or not.

The Monarch Tavern on Clinton St. in Little Italy has been serving food and drinks since 1927. This landmark has two floors, the first is a combo restaurant/bar with the second floor offering 15 local craft beers on tap and pool tables. You can have great beer selection, excellent tacos, grilled cheese and burgers. Downstairs there is always something fun going on, live music, DJ nights, theme nights and special events. It offers a great room for private parties too and lots of room for dancing and fun.

Have fun at these sports bar and enjoy your famous sport. Maybe play Keno?

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