The terms that one should understand before playing online Keno games in CAD

Keno game at online Canadian casinos

Keno game is available to play online with CAD. Besides the Lottery Keno game like Daily Keno of Atlantic, there are various other sites that offer keno to play online. These games are powered by top notch gaming companies like Microgaming, Playtech, Betsoft, NeEnt and others. You can enjoy Keno online right at your home without going anywhere with your PC or cell phone. All you need is to visit legit and reputed Canadian friendly online casino that offers keno games, register yourself as a player, make a deposit in real CAD, grab the new player welcome bonus, go to games lobby, search Keno game and select the one you wish to play.

Rules of online Keno game

Rules to play online keno game

The rules of online keno are exactly the same as those when you play at real land casino. The only difference being online players usually play by themselves against the odds, whereas live keno is played in groups of people.

Players are given a card with 20 numbers on it. These numbers are randomly selected from a pool of 80 numbers. A caller who works for the casino will then call out randomly selected numbers one by one. Players will then match or mark of these numbers with the numbers on their cards. If the player’s numbers match those called they will win.

As online keno is completely a game of chance, there is no special strategy or skill that will help you win. This is not a game of skill, where no patterns or statistics will help you so all you need is to  simply place your bets and play the game.

Keno terms that you should understand when playing at online casinos

Keno games at online casinos

When you play Keno at online casino you will come across various terms when playing online. Here are few popular terms that you should understand so that you have ease in playing keno games.

  • All or Nothing – This is a player bet whereby they bet that all of their 20 numbers will match those called. If they don’t hit all 20 they are not legible for any payouts.
  • Blower – This is the actual machine that draws each ball selected.
  • Bubble – This is the see-through container that houses the balls the blower draws from.
  • Caller – This is a casino representative who calls out which balls have been drawn.
  • Catch – This occurs if one of the balls called matches the number on the player’s card.
  • Catch zero – This is the opposite of all or nothing and indicates the player will not match any of the numbers called. This bet has much better odds as well.
  • Combination ticket – A keno ticket with multiple wagers on it.
  • Free play – When a player is allowed to play online keno for free without betting real money. This option is usually only available online.
  • Keno Balls – These are the actually balls drawn from the machine.
  • Number pool – this refers to the balls numbered 1-80 which can be drawn.
  • Race – This is a term given to online keno from the days when it was still illegal.
  • Straight Ticket – This is a normal ticket and is used in both online and live based version’s
  • Split ticket – This is a keno ticket that has two or more sets of betting numbers and allows players to play them simultaneously.
  • Quit Race – This is when a player cashes in bets before the game has fully finished.
  • Deuce- This term describes two keno spots being alongside one another.
  • Keno board: This board contains the numbers that have been drawn
  • Jackpot Meter – This is the total amount of the current keno jackpot.
  • Payoff – This is the winnings that a player will receive when playing keno.
  • Replayed Ticket- This refers to a player’s keno ticket containing similar numbers as the previous keno card.

Keno games to play at online casinos

Keno game at online Canadian casinos-Monkey keno

There are variety of Keno games to play at online casinos. Most of the keno games are available in the format of video slot games like for example Monkey Keno from Microgaming. The popular Keno games to play are Power Keno where your money will be quadrupled if  20th number matches the randomly selected 20th number. Other variation is Combinaton Keno  which allows a player to bet on a collection of numbers simultaneously. Similarly like Power Keno, Super Keno is another game variation where player’s winnings will only be quadrupled if they match the first number.

Few points to note while playing Keno

  • Most online games allow Canadian players to play for free. The free mode helps players get acquainted with the game. So it’s your choice to first try the game before indulging in real money gambling.
  • Online and land casino Keno game both use a set of 80 numbers with 20 allotted to the player. This means the odds are exactly the same.
  • While it is possible to hit all 20 numbers exactly, the odds are incredibly unlikely. Most casinos are aware of this which is why players win by getting close to a full set of 20.
  • All the Canadian friendly casinos allow you to play Keno with Canadian Dollars.
  • Keno results are drawn by a Random Number Generator. This ensures fairness when playing the game. Always play at reputed and legit online Canadian casinos.
  • Online casinos are thoroughly audited to ensure their random number generators are completely random and fair.
  • There is red and green Keno at few online casinos. This is simply a way online casino allows players to play two games simultaneously. Players can play both red and green at the same time to increase their odds of winning.

Now enjoy online Keno at Canadian casinos of your choice in real CAD.

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