Where to play Grand National Keno online in Canada?

Where to play Grand National Keno online in Canada?

Grand National Keno is one of the popular Keno games to play online at casinos.  Launched by British developer OpenBet the game theme is based around one of the biggest annual horse races in the world, the historic Aintree Grand National. There can be no doubt that the theme is the big draw of this game, Keno, after all, is pretty standard across the different titles, on this one, you have the backdrop of the famous racetrack, with a board of numbers to choose from, each representing an individual horse.

How to play Grand National Keno?

You can play this interesting Keno game for free or with real money. You only get 40 numbers to pick from, unlike the usual 80, but each has the possibility to represent one of the eight horses in the race to the finish line. Select your eight picks, choose a stake and click go for the race to commence!

A 3D animated horses head, complete with a traditional bookies hat and cigar, will commentate faster than you can make sense of, just like the journalists on TV at the real race, as each horse crosses the line their number will be displayed on the board, hopefully matching your picks.

Witness the jockeys race for first place! Each horse has a number on it, which represents the winning spots on the keno board. Should these match the numbers you’ve selected, you’ll be an instant winner! Scoring a win is as easy as matching just one number on the board.

Only two correct picks will bring you back your original stake, three will double it, of course, what you really want is all eight as that is an astounding 1000x your bet! The bets by the way, can range from just 0.25 credits to 10.00, this isn’t a high stakes game at all considering the potential win.

It’s fun to the basic Keno game, with some of the crazy individual horse names that the game team has come up with that run across the board during the race. The animations are good, the graphics sharp and it feels more like a modern online scratch game than the old worn game of traditional Keno.

Where to play Grand National Keno online in Canada?

Grand National Keno can be played at any Canadian friendly online casino in Canada that offers this game. The game is available at 888 Casino, Unibet casino and various others. As said above you can play for free or with real money deposits with CAD or BTC. Pick your mobile or just sit in front of the PC to enjoy this game instantly without any download.

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