Top 5 Breweries in Calgary You Must Visit

If you’re looking forward to visiting Calgary in your next vacation chances are you’d be looking for great, locally brewed beer.

Here are the top breweries to hit up while in Calgary on your next trip.

Village Brewery

As the name suggests, the specialty of Village Brewery is its community feel. You will feel like a village here because of the local artists and craftspeople. Now brewing six different beers in-house, this brewery is known to produce something to suit a range of different peoples, starting from the triple berry kolsch ‘Triplet’ to the sturdier India ‘Alberta Black Ale’. You can also take an open guided tour every Saturday and also hires out its tasting rooms for various tasting events.

Big Rock

Founded by a beer freak Ed McNally over 30 years ago, Big Rock is an old brewery that prioritizes great tasting brews over any business shortcuts or profit-generating techniques. You can have a 60 minute guided tours of the site that will offer endless extra information from local ‘beerologists’ as well as tastings of the most popular brews.

Minhas Micro Brewery

This is the largest craft brewery in the city which is a family-owned business. Minhas Micro Brewery was founded by brother and sister duo Ravinder and Manjit. Started with selling just liquor, the company moved into the beer market in 2002, which is when their flagship brand Mountain Crest Classic Lager was created. You will find a variety of brewery production and can also sample their brews in Pizza Brew, which is their award-winning restaurant.

Wild Rose

Inspired by the wild spirit of Alberta, Wild Rose is a brewery that uses strongly the local techniques and natural ingredients. Available just in its home province, it is a great brewery if you are looking to have something offbeat. Along with guided tours, you can also try their Tap Room, a brewpub voted Calgary’s favorite for six years.  

Last Best Brewing & Distilling

A subsidiary of the Bearhill Brewing Family, Last Best is a brewpub promoting Alberta’s importance in Canada’s national craft beer and brewing market. Intending to create a link between the local community and ‘beer culture’, the owners of this brewing company has a monthly social club based on beer tasting and appreciation. Their in-house brews are a collaboration of five signature ales, and some other more temporary varieties, including a ‘caramel latte’ beer with velvety notes of local Fratello coffee.


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  • These are the most popular and worth visiting top-rated best 5 breweries in Calgary you cannot miss out visiting if you plan to visit Calgary in your next trip.

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