The Top 7 Reasons why you should Play Keno

Among casino games, keno is the most criticized and disparaged game. Although similar to a lottery game, keno lacks even the social appearance of partially funding education. It’s just another way for a casino to churn money. Here are op 7 Reasons why you should Play Keno.

Players selecting the best games look at gambling very much like investors look at the stock market. You should invest your money wherever you have the best chance for a high return on investment. Keno is the game people look for because they are bored, inebriated, or lack the skill to play cards.

Still, there are several benefits of playing keno.

The basics of Keno

It has several variations. The basic game is simple. Some scratch ticket games use “keno” as a name but they work differently from the drawings.

You must choose three things in keno:

  • How much to wager (usually from $1 to $20).
  • How many “spots” to bet on (1 to 10).
  • The numbers (chosen from 1 to 80) to bet on in the “spots.”

It is possible to win by choosing none of the drawn numbers at all.

Each “spot” distribution has its separate paytable. If you bet on five spots, you must match from three to five of the drawn numbers. In the 10-spot game, you must match 0 or five to 10 drawn numbers.

The smallest (one-spot) game’s prize pays out at around 4 to 1. The largest (10-spot) game’s prize pays out at millions to 1.

In other words, a casino keno game may pay differently in each land-based casino, and the state lottery games may pay differently both from the casino games and between states.

The player fills out a card and gives the card to the vendor selling tickets for the game. Game results may be broadcast on a monitor or posted online, depending on who is running the game.

Reasons to play Keno

1 – Keno is are more Popular than slots

Slot machine games are available mostly at popular casino games. You can walk into any land-based casino and find more slot machines than all other games combined.

No one really knows how many keno players there are. But the game is played in nearly every country on earth.

It’s available at cafes, bars, restaurants, and in small retail stores. Playing keno is available anywhere a merchant can legally make money from gambling.

There is the psychological benefit of knowing you’re playing a game along with millions of other people. You feel less guilty about your guilty pleasures when you know other people enjoy them, too.

Virtually every keno game on the planet offers a huge jackpot ranging in millions of dollars.

The game’s popularity makes sure it will be available and well-funded in many jurisdictions.

2 – Keno’s risks are more flexible than slot machine game

Unlike the slots, the benefits of playing keno include allowing players to choose their level of risk. You don’t have to bet on 10 numbers in keno. The people who make such bets hope to get maximum payoffs.

In slots, the player gambles with a single theoretical return. The RTP for blackjack or baccarat is based on a few player choices. Keno players can bet on different length number combinations, choosing their odds.

The same principle applies in government lottery games. In a 6 number + bonus drawing, three-number combos pay a prize.

3 – Keno is found in many places where other casino games are not

Keno is a more sophisticated lottery game than the usual Powerball or Mega Millions of games. Many government lottery authorities include a keno game in their offerings.

If you cannot play at a casino, playing keno online allows you to play every day in many states and countries.

4 – Keno games are widely found

You can find keno in a restaurant. Some government lotteries offer online keno. You don’t need to feel guilty about gambling online because your local authority sanctions this game.

Some online casinos don’t care where you are or if you’re in a jurisdiction that regulates online gambling. They’ll have keno games, too. In fact, the online keno industry is even more diversified than land-based casino offerings.

5 – Keno drawings happen every few minutes in government games

As in the casino games, government lottery game authorities hold keno drawings all day. Players can watch their keno games on live monitors. This is one of the top 7 Reasons why you should Play Keno.

Although it is not as loud and exciting as a casino, playing keno is a more lively and engaging game than a typical state lottery drawing. Many regional merchants may set up keno monitors.

6 – Keno games are slower paced

You can make hundreds of wagers per hour. It’s possible to run down a $500 bankroll in just a few minutes on the slot.

Keno drawings happen at rates varying from about once every five minutes to six per hour. It’s not a fast game at all.

7 – Groups can play keno together

Playing keno is more social than other lottery games. You can play it together and see real-time results.

Some workplaces have keno office pools. They are run like sports betting pools or lottery ticket pools.


Keno may not offer the best odds in casino games, but those mid-spot games are not nearly as bad as the 10-spot game. Professional keno players work out their own systems over time. Above listed are top 7 Reasons why you should Play Keno.

It’s a little more exciting to mix up your keno numbers than to always bet on the bank in baccarat. It’s less risky than sitting at a slot machine and spending money or credits hundreds of times per hour.

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