Wonderful Keno Games To Play At Montana Casinos Canada

Wonderful Keno Games To Play At Montana Casinos Canada

Montana in Canada has three awesome casinos to play Keno games. These casinos are operated by Town Pump, the chain which offers services since 1953, founded by Tom and Mary Kenneally.

Many gamers are confused whether Montana is in Canada or in US. Geographically Montana is a state in the Northwestern United States. It is bordered Idaho to the west; North Dakota and South Dakota to the east; Wyoming to the south; and by the Canadian provinces of Alberta British Columbia, and Saskatchewan to the north.

Montana Casinos Canada

The three casino in Montana are Lucky Lil’s, Magic Diamond and Montana Lil’s Casino. These casinos are open all through the week and you will find a superior selection of gaming machines with all the latest and greatest games available! Not only the games that you can find just about anywhere but the “EXCLUSIVE” games are the wonderful Keno games that you will find to play only here.

Also these venues are a perfect place to grab a quick snack while on the go or simply enjoy a great hearty meal/lunch. They also have a full-service bar stocked with all sorts of beverages and you can grab your favorite beers at a good price. The moment you step into any of their Lounge, you will be greeted by friendly staff and you can opt to either play your favorite games or take a chill at the bar and enjoy your drinks while watching the big game.

Wonderful Keno Games To Play At Montana Casinos Canada

Keno games at Montana Casinos Canada

The number of Keno games at Montana casinos cross over 40. You can play some of the best Keno games here like Toys Keno, Crown Jewels Keno, Aloha Keno, Bon Voyage Keno, I Scream Keno, Welcome to Vegas Nights Keno, Pick your pleasure Keno, Bullfroggin Progressive Keno, Dragon fire power keno, Cosmic Keno, Lightning power Keno, Payload keno, Treasure Mountain Keno and many others.

New Keno Games to Play at Montana Casino

Some of the new Keno games to play at Montana casino

I Scream Keno

I scream keno game

I Scream Keno is an 80-spot online keno game with 6 bonus levels featuring unlimited free bonus games with multipliers and up to 45 redraw spots. 

You select 2-10 player spots by touching the numbered spots on the screen or using the quick pick button. You can control the pace at which numbers are drawn. Also increase the speed and play hundreds of rounds in a matter of minutes! After that, the game draws at least 20 numbers & the drawing continues. 

The most wonderful is that you can choose your icecream flavours as bonus rounds like Vanilla, Mint

For each game, one bonus spot is randomly selected from among the spots not selected by the player. If redraw spots are in play, they are randomly selected from the remaining spots. Hitting a bonus spot on any draw awards a bonus multiplier. However, if you hit on your first draw, it awards 9 free bonus games, and 9 more on your last draw hit.

Above all, payouts are based on the number of player spots hit. The bonus level will determine the multiplier. Continuing to hit the bonus spot to reach the ultimate Orange Sherbert Bonus Round for MASSIVE jackpots!

Other new games to play are

Dragon Fire Power Keno: Dragon Fire Power Keno is an 80-number keno game that incorporates differently colored keno balls to add multipliers to four separate paytables. 

Bull Froggin’ Keno: Bull Froggin’ Keno is 80 number Keno with 3 to 10 picks.  There are two different bonuses in the game.  First is Pond Hoppin Bonus is the familiar pick-a-prize bonus from the Bull Froggin’ reel game.  Second is Bug Snackin’ Bonus  which is Free games bonus round offering the Bug Snackin’ feature that can provide additional free games or increase the multiplier.

Players reward club Montana casino

When you visit Montana Casino in Canada to play Keno games, you can join the Player’s Reward Club and become a member at the casino. With this you open the door to daily machine play, weekly coupons for machine play, bonus contest entries, and special promotions available only to Player’s Reward Club Members.

The Player’s Reward Club is a loyalty rewards system for players. As a member you’ll receive $3 in credits into your players club membership account just for joining! Then, every time you play, you earn credits that may be redeemed for free machine play or merchandise in our casino. You earn credits in your membership account based on the credits that you play because it is the biggest bang for your buck. The more you play, the more it pays. The casino also send out monthly coupons based on member tier levels in their club. The coupons go all the way up to $320 in free machine play per month. Your credit earnings from all participating casinos across Montana are added together for the last 90 days to determine your member tier level. Remember your credit earnings must be redeemed at the location where they are earned. As you earn more your VIP status is leveled up and it comes with more rewards and benefits.

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