How To Win Instant Lottery Games?

How to win Instant games
How to win Instant games

There are many people that are in love with the idea of winning the lottery. There are many big lotteries that people can choose from. Most of the lotteries involve buying tickets with a bunch of numbers on the tickets. Drawings are held at specific times and if a person is able to match all of the numbers that are drawn, they win the lottery.

These games are great, but they do have a drawback. You have to wait after you buy the ticket until the drawing helps to find out if you are a winner. The wait can be a couple of hours or it may be several days to find out. For some people, the idea of waiting to win the lottery is not enjoyable. They want to know if they win right away. The choice for these types of people is instant lottery games. Instead of having to wait to find out if you win, it is possible to win cash instantly and maybe even get paid right away.

How to win?

How to win scratchies
Always know the odds of the game

There is one important rule that must be followed if a person wants to win at lottery instant games. You have to play. The most common way to play is by buying a scratch-off ticket from an authorized retailer.

First, you should know how the odds work and digest the fact that there’s no strategy to win the game. Also, scratch-off games award prizes on a random basis and most of the money taken in by scratch-off games is paid back as prizes. The more expensive a scratch-off, the higher the “small” prizes tend to be, the higher the odds of winning, the better the prizes tend to be and the lower the odds of winning, the more prizes there tend to be. The higher the largest prize or jackpot, the fewer real winners there will be.

Once you have bought one of the instant win games, you will scratch off the ticket. If enough of the symbols or dollar amounts on the ticket are matching, your ticket is a winner. Depending on the amount that is one, it can be collected from the dealer where the ticket was bought or if the amount is too high, it can be collected at a lottery office.

How much can you win?

How much can you win
Instant lottery winner

After a person learns how they can win, they want to know how much they can win. That will depend on a variety of factors. There are many different instant win games that a player can choose from. The cost of the games will vary from $1 onwards. Some instant tickets from the OLG instant games can cost as much as $20. The more that you pay for a ticket, the more that you can usually look forward to winning.

Prizes for the instant win games vary as much as the price of the tickets. Players can win back the cost of the ticket or they can win a jackpot that reaches $200 million on some games. If a person is interested in winning a big jackpot, they need to know what the different games payout is.

To improve your chances of winning with scratchies many players think that “buy in bulk” or “stagger your ticket buying” will make you a winner. But that makes no reality to win. One roll of 200 tickets could contain half as many prizes as the next roll of 200 tickets and most of the winners could be in the first half of a roll, or they could be spread about evenly throughout a roll.

Your chances of winning don’t change based on how you buy the tickets. In other words, whether you buy tickets in bulk or wait for 3-4 other people to buy tickets does not change the probability of any given roll of tickets paying a prize. The second thing you have to understand is that all those prizes, including the free tickets, are paid for by the people buying the tickets.

Note that the lottery system is designed to turn a profit for the state government running the lottery. The states tend to keep anywhere from 10% to 25% of all ticket sales. That means all the prizes come out of the remaining 75% to 90% of ticket sales, less the commissions paid to the various stores that sell lottery tickets.

Some experts estimate that for every dollar you pay for lottery tickets, no more than 50 cents is paid back in prizes. This is called “return to player,” and it’s not a good return at all. Even the worst pokies machines offer better than a 50% payback percentage which is the same thing as “return to player.”

What is the strategy to win Instant Scratchies?

Strategy to win scratchies
Many players buy scratchies in bulk

There are several people that claim to have a strategy for winning at the instant games. One of the strategies involves waiting until most of the tickets that were distributed for a game have been sold. A person can find out what prizes have been awarded and what prizes are left unclaimed for these tickets. That information can help make a better decision about which game to play.

Instant lottery tickets can provide the instant gratification that many people like. They are fun to play and they are easy to get. Take some time to learn about the different instant win games being sold in your area and start playing. You may be the next big winner.

Here are the 5 Best Strategies to Win Instant Lottery Scratch-Off Games

1. Always buy Scratch Lottery tickets from the same roll

It is best to buy all your scratch-off tickets from the same roll at the same time. You can assume there are at least a few winners in every roll of tickets. Every time you get a losing ticket, you reduce your chances of losing by one ticket. Avoid buying a new ticket from a different roll because the pool of losing tickets is much larger and your chances of getting a winning ticket go down.

2. Buy Scratch Lottery tickets in bulk

If you really wish to win the best strategy is to buy tickets in bulk rather than buying one ticket every day for a week. So that also means avoiding playing every day and buying a ticket daily because the odds are better if instead of you spend the same amount and buy 7 tickets at one time. Better yet, purchase your monthly allotment of scratch-offs during on visit. Buying 30 tickets at once is much better than buying one a day.

3. Watch others playing

It is better to watch others play and see a prolonged losing streak from a specific role. This will increase your chances of getting a winning ticket because scratch-off tickets are sold with a guaranteed number of winners and losers in each pack. You could also make friends with the cashier who could keep track of you.

4. Check  losing tickets with the retailer

This isn’t about improving your odds necessarily, except that after scratching off 10, 15, or 20 tickets, it’s easy to miss matching symbols or numbers.

5. Apply logic and calculate the winnings

Most scratch-off games publish on their websites the odds for each instant cash game. Many will often post prizes that have already been won for each game. If you do nothing else, at least be sure to check the appropriate website to see which games still have top prizes available.

To improve your odds, you need to plan logically and calculate the winnings. Remember when tickets are sold and prizes won, the odds of winning change.

For example, if a game has sold many tickets, all or nearly all the top prizes could have already been won, so the odds of your winning that $1 million went from very small to virtually zero to perhaps zero if all the top prizes have been claimed.

However, sometimes the odds swing in your favour. As an example say 50% of the tickets have been sold but only 25% of the prizes have been claimed. Naturally, your odds of winning have gone up, or swung in your favour, by 50%. This would be a game you should play.

In reality, the odds never swing this much. In fact, most of the time, the odds vary only slightly. But a slight move in your direction can help and a few times, you’ll find significant swings that can make a worthwhile difference.

So next time you go to buy an instant scratch lottery ticket be sure of the above strategies so that with the fun to play you also have the excitement to win.

Finally, remember that Lottery in Canada works on RNG. The lottery-draw process for LOTTO MAX and LOTTO 6/49 was modernized and simplified by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation (ILC) in May 2019 to offer players the best gaming and entertainment experience possible.

RNG draws are becoming more common for lottery draws worldwide and are often used for games with multiple draws that require results more quickly. 

Draws for WHEEL OF FORTUNE, DAILY GRAND, the Guaranteed Prize draw feature of LOTTO 6/49 and the MAXMILLIONS feature of LOTTO MAX are also conducted using Random Number Generator software. It is also used for the INSTANT win component of POKER LOTTO and MEGADICE. This means there is no sure set strategy to win lottery games or instant games. If luck is on your side you win!


This is how you can win instant lottery games.

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