A Guide to Keno Draw Poker Video Poker

Keno Draw Poker video poker is one of the most ingenious twists on basic video poker found in casinos or gambling websites. You can skip all the extras and simply play basic video poker at a Keno Draw Poker machine, choosing among one of many popular pay tables that are available. Here is the Guide to Keno Draw Poker Video Poker.

Video poker makes for one of the easiest and most exciting forms of casino entertainment available. Some players believe the basic form of video poker, Jacks or Better, gets a little outdated. This form is closely based on the card game known as a five-card draw. The gameplay doesn’t change much once you’ve learned it, and there aren’t many odds for big payouts other than the royal flush hand, which comes along very rarely.

That’s why video poker manufacturers started to spice things up by adding little twists to the basic formula.

One of the most radical of these games with extra features has to be Keno Draw Poker video poker. As the name suggests, it clubs two of the most popular forms of casino entertainment into one big game. If you can’t decide whether to play keno or video poker, you can play both.

But to play both hands of video poker and a side round of keno, you have to bet more than the normal maximum wager of five credits per hand. Considering that Keno Draw Poker video poker is only found in casinos in triple-play mode. Here you must bet on three hands at a time that can get seriously pricey.

Here, we’ll talk about how to play basic video poker and go into basic keno a little bit as well. Then, we’ll discuss how it all comes together for Keno Draw Poker video poker.

How to play Basic Video Poker

How to play Basic Video Poker
How to play Basic Video Poker

In Keno Draw Poker video poker, you get to fuse the best parts of video poker with a take on keno. But video poker already, in its way, takes a little bit from slot machines and table games. So, this special machine can give you a little bit of everything. This is one of the A Guide to Keno Draw Poker Video Poker. This is A Guide to Keno Draw Poker Video Poker.

You cannot know how often you can expect to achieve certain spins with a slot machine. It’s all a bit random, but video poker rectifies that.

With that in mind, here are the steps to walk you through a typical hand of video poker:

Step 1: Your bankroll

Your bankroll

For playing online, you’ll have to create an account. Once you get all that out of the way, you will see your money registered on the screen in credits or coins.

Each credit will be equal to a single unit of the denomination. Some machines allow you to select your denomination, which can be small like a nickel or a bit more substantial like a dollar.

You should consider many factors before determining the size of your bankroll. First, to activate the keno feature, you’ll need to be betting 10 or 15 coins per hand while playing three hands at a time in triple-play. Make sure that video poker can be played at a rapid pace, generally several hands per minute once you get the hang of it.

Step 2: Your bet

Your bet
Your bet

In most video poker games, you have the choice of betting between one and five coins per hand. When this is the case, you should always go for the five-credit wager. It is the only way that you can take advantage of getting a royal flush hand to the fullest.

You’ll have to decide what you’re looking for out of the game. If you want a better chance for big payoffs in the short term and the best long-term payback percentages, you bet extra bets. If you want to keep things simple with Keno Draw Poker video poker, you can just bet the one through five coins and play basic video poker, although you can do that on any video poker machine if you wish.

Step 3: Your hand

Your hand
Your hand

You will count on the video poker aspect of Keno Draw Poker video poker. When you make your wager, five cards will appear on your screen. From these five cards, you’ll be trying to make the best possible poker hand. You will have a chance to discard the cards that aren’t helping and replace them with others from the deck.

Here are the most common ones that pay off in video poker:

  • Two pair
  • Pair of jacks or better
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight (five cards of consecutive ranks, like 3-4-5-6-7)
  • Flush (five cards of the same suit)
  • Full house (three of a kind and two pair in the same hand)
  • Four of a kind
  • Straight flush (straight with five cards of the same suit)
  • Royal flush (ten, jack, queen, king, and ace of the same suit)

When you get your five-card deal, you might have some cards that already form one of the winning hands above. If you don’t, you still have the odd to create a winning hand on the draw round.

You must bet on each of the three hands. You will receive just one deal. This means that your decision about what to hold and discard will then be replayed through all three hands. Your outcomes on each hand will be scored separately as you are likely to receive different cards on each draw to complete the hands.

Playing Keno Draw Poker Video Poker

Playing Keno Draw Poker Video Poker
Playing Keno Draw Poker Video Poker

It is somewhat like bingo but without letters, only numbers. You choose some numbers, anywhere from two through 10, out of 80. The machine will then draw 20 of those per round, and your numbers will ideally match the ones that have been drawn.

You can choose up to 10 numbers. The number that you hit each round will be known as the “catch.” There will be predetermined amounts for each “catch” out of the numbers you have chosen, just as a pay table will tell you how much you will win for a specific winning hand.

When you add keno to Keno Draw Poker video poker, you get two benefits. First of all, there is the payout for how many you catch. If you bet ten extra coins, pick seven numbers on the board, and catch four of them, your payout is 135 coins.

When you catch some amount, you will always be rewarded with multipliers for your video poker hands.

That means that your payouts are:

  • Hand 1: 12 times 5 = 60 coins
  • Hand 2: 12 times 15 = 180 coins
  • Hand 3: 12 times 45 = 540 coins

That adds to 780 for the poker hands. You made 135 coins just for catching five on the keno side. The total payback is 915 coins, which, reduce the original 45-coin bet (15 coins times three hands), gives you a profit of 870 coins on a single round of Keno Draw Poker video poker.

Strategy for Winning at Video Poker

Strategy for Winning at Video Poker
Strategy for Winning at Video Poker

In this video poker case, you might hope you need to know what the strategy is for keno as well as video poker. But keno requires no strategy, as the results of each draw are random.

Video poker, on the other hand, is a little different.

When playing a hand just one or a few times, you can make out the mathematically incorrect choice because luck might help you out on the draw. But, over time, consistently making incorrect choices will bring down your payback percentage. That’s why you should learn how to make the right hold and discard for every possible deal you get in Keno Draw Poker video poker.

Once you’ve done that, you should implement one of the two methods below to achieve perfect play:

1. Strategy Charts

Strategy Charts
Strategy Charts

These can be found online and you can memorize them for the pay table that you choose and carry that information in your head with you when you go to the casino. A chart will list every possible combination of cards that you might receive on the deal and rank them from most to least beneficial. When you find the nearest top combination of the chart that matches what you have in your hand, you’ll know which cards to discard.

2. Video poker training software

Video poker training software
Video poker training software

This software can be tailor-made for whatever pay table you want to learn. It simulates video poker play and forces you to make decisions on holds and discards. When you make an incorrect decision, it will let you know so that you can avoid making that mistake again.


When you think of video poker games that do a little bit of everything, whether you find them in a casino or on a safe online gambling website, Keno Draw Poker video poker has at the top of that list. The excitement of matching a big hand with an equally big keno catch is hard to match. Just don’t forget that this extra feature costs some money and might be too rich for some to enjoy.

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