Is There Any Fire Ball Keno To Play In Canada?

Is there any Fire Ball Keno to play in Canada
Is there any Fire Ball Keno to play in Canada

There is great significance of fire in many cultures. Fire is worshipped in many religions. It is used in cremations and bonfires, candles; eternal flames are used to remind of notable occasions; and the Olympic Flame burns for the duration of the games.

Recently online casinos have added many fire-themed slots and also you can find Fire Ball Keno to play.

Fire Ball Action Keno game was launched by Spin Games. With some absolutely massive payouts possible, especially when you consider the special fireball feature, players who enjoy this kind of offer are likely to have a great time with this title.

What is Fire Ball Action Keno?

 What is Fire Ball Action Keno?
What is Fire Ball Action Keno?

Fire Ball Action is a standalone number game played with a set of 4 cards against a random draw of 60 numbers, drawn from a pool of 1 to 90. These numbers are drawn out and shown to the player. Each number drawn matches a number on a card, triggering a “hit”. A winning combination is determined by the set of winning combinations in the paytable. A winning combination occurs when all the hits in a combination are on the same card, then the player is awarded that winning amount. Players are awarded the highest paying patterns that are not completely overlapped on a single card. If a pattern is completed by the randomly selected fireball, the player is awarded additional credit amounts.

How to play Fire Ball Keno?

How to play Fire Ball Keno?
How to play Fire Ball Keno?

 Fire Ball Action is a bingo-based game that can be found at casinos utilizing the Spin Games software package. In this game, players are presented with four cards, each of which features 15 numbers (from the range of 1-90) laid out in a 3×5 grid. Each round consists of a drawing in which 30 balls from that same number range will be drawn. If players can make certain patterns on their cards, they’ll win prizes.

At the start of each game, you’ll be asked to specify how much you’d like to wager per ticket. Unlike in some games of this type, you don’t have the option of playing the number of cards you prefer; you’ll have to bet on all four, so keep that in mind when choosing your stakes. Once you’ve set your bet, you can hit the play button to begin the action.

Once you do, you’ll see balls fall from the top of the screen. Each ball has a number on it, and every time there’s a match to one of your cards, you’ll see the appropriate spot turn red to signify it has been hit. In total, 30 balls will be selected in this way.

If any of your cards make a winning combination, you’ll earn the associated prize. There are six patterns in total, and while they aren’t all simple to describe, you can see them at the top of the screen when you play to verify what you need to earn a payout. The following are the patterns (in our own names), along with their payouts in relation to a single card bet:

Small Four Corners: 5x Card Bet

X: 10x

Checkerboard: 40x

Fence Posts: 100x

Everything But the Corners: 500x

Full Card: 2,000x

Features in Fire Ball Action Slot

Features in Fire Ball Action Slot
Features in Fire Ball Action Slot

There are two additional features that help make this different from a straight-up bingo drawing. First, if you finish the main portion of the game and are only one spot away from scoring a win on at least one of your tickets, you’ll be given the opportunity to purchase additional balls. You can do this by hitting the “Xtra” button found to the left of the play button. The price of each ball will vary, depending on how much you stand to win should you get lucky and pull the winning ball next. You can get up to 10 extra chances this way, though you’ll want to keep in mind that you have to pay for each one and that the price can change each time as the situation on the board evolves.

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for the fireball. Every round, one of the initially drawn 30 numbers will be red and is designated as the fireball. When this number takes part in a winning pattern, your winnings will be increased by a set amount that can be seen at the top of the screen. While in most cases, this means double the normal earnings, there are two exceptions: the checkerboard pattern only increases from 40x to 50x, while the full card jackpot will go all the way from 2,000x up to an incredible 10,000x.

While the flaming theme is fun enough, there are no incredible graphics or animations, and the gameplay is quite basic for the most part, with only a couple of added features designed to make things slightly more engaging for players.

Other Fire slots to play in Canada

There are also other exciting fire slots to play in Canadian online casinos. The four best ones are:

  • Wild Fury
  • Triple Red Hot
  • Temple Of Fire
  • Red Hot Tamales
Other fire slots to play
Other fire slots to play

1. Wild Fury

Wild Fury Slots
Wild Fury Slots

Wild Fury is a Jackpot slot powered by the IGT brand.  Playable from just 0.10 per spin, this medium volatility slot machine has five reels, ten paylines, and special features that include stacked wild symbols, plus those free spins with a guaranteed jackpot win!

Popular game symbols such as playing card suits, number 7’s, and dragons are prominent in this slot game.

As well as acting as other symbols, this flaming ball of energy pays 40x, 125x, or 500x the line stake depending on how much of a payline it fills. It will also be stacked several highs on any reel, which makes it much easier to complete extra combinations for you.

The trigger for the free spins round looks like a dog’s tail sticking out of a blue circle, but it’s probably meant to be a flame. Whatever it is, when you land this symbol in any three places on reels two, three, and four, you trigger the spin of a wheel that awards 10, 15, or 20 initial free spins. A golden dragon swoops across the game as this wheel spins up the number of bonus spins, adding excitement to the feature.

The size of the jackpot claimed at the end of the free spins bonus round depends on how many wild symbols are accumulated.  Collect 65 to 99 wild symbols during the free spins to win 500x the triggering bet or more, and the top jackpot that starts at 2,000x is yours if you collect over 100 wild symbols.

2. Triple Red Hot

Triple red hot slot
Triple red hot slot

Triple Red Hot is a 3-reel classic slot from IGT.

The  Triple Red Hot 777 offers Free Spins, 3x Wild Multipliers, Total-bet and awarding Bonus Symbols, and Spitfire Multipliers which can multiply prizes won in free spins by up to 7x.

Red Hot Triple Red 7’s are the top prize in both the main game and the free spins, and you can win up to 150x your line-bet for hitting three of them, whilst it’s 80x your line-bet for Red Hot Double Red 7’s, and 40 x your line-bet for Red Hot Single Red 7’s. There are also Blue 7’s and White 7’s to line up, and these respectively pay 25x and 20x your line bet, whilst any line of mixed 7’s even pays 5 x your line bet.

When you start hitting the Triple Red Hot 3x Wilds your prize will be tripled when one of these substitutes helps you make a winning combination. Bonus Symbols are even more exciting than wilds as 3 of these will instantly award you 1x your total bet, and then also award you a free spins bonus. You’ll start off with 7 free spins, but you can retrigger up to an amazing 700 free spins in any one bonus. Each Free Spin will also be accompanied by one of the Spitfire Multipliers, as they can multiply prizes up to 7x.

3. Temple of Fire

Temple of fire slots
Temple of fire slots

Temple of Fire is an IGT slot with a five-reel, four-row, 30-line game.  The Temple of Fire online slot is an attractive example of games themed around the ancient Aztecs.

Any combination of the Goddess and the standard wild symbol will count as a win. The game logo symbol also appears stacked, and if any examples are adjacent to the Goddess, she blasts fire at them, turning them into extra wilds. This can often lead to multiple winning combinations at once, although it’s not actually guaranteed that any wild feature of the Temple of Fire slot machine will create a win.

Wilds can’t stand in for the Bonus symbol. This image of the temple in any three places on reels one, three, and five will launch a free games feature. You have three different options to pick from, with 12 free spins where wins payout at the basic rate, six bonus games with prizes doubled, or just four spins, but any wins are multiplied by 3x.

Whichever option you choose, in each free spin, one random reel stacks with wilds. More bonus symbols retrigger the feature with the same selection applying to the subsequent games.

The highest possible payout of 450x is available when you go for the spins with the 3x multiplier.

 4. Red Hot Tamales

Red hot tamales
Red hot tamales

Red Hot Tamales is Mexican themed slot from IGT where you can win up to 5,000 coins. In this slot game, a fiery wild symbol helps you to create scorching payouts. This is a basic game, where the action is fast and furious as you simply aim to line matching symbols across any of the 27 paylines of the Red Hot Tamales slot machine.

Flames surround some of the symbols, including the high-paying ‘7’s’ and the wild icon.

Green, yellow, and red 7’s pay 30x, 60x, and 100x the line bet, respectively. The gameplay of the Red Hot Tamales online slot gets hotter when the flaming wild symbol appears. It’s valued at 200x your line stake and does the usual wild trick of acting as other symbols if needed to complete a winning sequence.

There is a ‘Blackout’ feature, and the top prizes come from filling all nine of the reel positions with a single type of symbol. The yellow 7 filling the whole of the Red Hot Tamales slots game will see a huge 1,000x your line bet paid out. But the red 7 is worth a massive 5,000x when filling the reels.

You can play these Fire Slots in Canada at Canadian online casinos like Play Now for free or real money.


This blog tells you all about the Fire Ball Keno available in Canada.

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