What Is Buffalo Keno Slot Machine To Play And Win?

What is Buffalo Keno Slot Machine to Play and Win?
What is Buffalo Keno Slot Machine to Play and Win?

You might be an avid keno player but do you know the history of keno? Although the history is not very obvious the answer is that historians believe that it was the brainchild of the ancient Chinese decades ago to fund a government project, like a wall or a war. Here we will also talk about the Buffalo Keno Slot Machine.

Who Invented Keno

Who Invented Keno

Many people and many resources believe that keno came from America in the 1840s through Chinese immigrants. Although it is quite unlikely that keno tables are there in several American court cases and statutes in Georgia, Alabama, and New York in the 1820s.  Chinese immigration happened about 10-15 years before then but there is no mention of their gambling practices.

Hence, it is quite vague about when keno gets into use. If the ancient Chinese population of 4-5,000 years ago used to play lottery games it’s not sure if it was keno.

Keno in its modern version originated in the 1800s in Asia. It’s quite possible that it is just a speculation that if it came from Asia and the ancient Chinese played lottery games then keno would be quite old.

There is a rich history of lotteries as it is enjoyed for centuries all over the world with all other games. So, it is hard to confirm if keno came from ancient China.

How do play the Buffalo Keno Slot machine?

How to play Buffalo Keno in Canada
How to play Buffalo Keno?

Buffalo keno is a classic game from Aristocrat that has made its place in land-based casinos all over the world. You can try this game in any brick-and-mortar casino, or play it online to try your luck and win big!

Buffalo Keno is a standard 80-spot keno game with a 20-number draw. The player may pick between 3-10 numbered spots on the card. This game is the product of the Grand Vision Gaming company and became one of the favourite games among punters as paired with the popularity of Aristocrat Technologies Inc’s original Buffalo slot game. Buffalo keno was first launched in 2016. This Aristocrat Technologies Inc. title features Grand Vision Gaming.

This is a high-performance lottery-type Keno game on GVG’s multi-game software, Ultra Vision at video lottery establishments at casinos. Ultra Vision features 14 Reel titles, four poker titles, and eight keno titles including the addition of Buffalo Keno.

You can play Buffalo Keno at real land casinos in US and Canada and many other countries as well as for free. It has Eagle Mini Bonus where 2 eagles and 5 coins are placed on non-player-marked spots in every base game. If both eagles are hit with a win, you get a multiplier for that game.

How to play Buffalo Keno?

The Feature Games activate by hitting the coin symbols in the base game. There is no limit to the number of feature games that may be retriggered. You can play all feature games at the same bet and spot level that triggered the bonus.

During the feature games, multiplier sunset symbols are randomly placed on non-player-marked spots. When multipliers are hit, there is a random weighted drawing for each hit symbol’s multiplier value (either 2x or 3x).

Bonus Rounds

Bonus Rounds

When you hit three or more of gold symbols anywhere on the screen, you get free spin bonus rounds. The free spins rewarded are 8, 15, and 20, for three, four, and five scatter symbols on the screen respectively.

This free spin round is played on the same reels as the base game. The free spin feature comes with two additional features that are unavailable in the Buffalo base game.

You activate 5 free spins on hitting two of the scatter symbols on any of the reels.

The sunset wild symbols can multiply the overall win two or three times. You can retrigger the free spin round by landing three or more scatters on any of the reels.

RTP & Volatility in Buffalo Slots

RTP & Volatility in Buffalo Slots
RTP & Volatility in Buffalo Slots

The average win per $100 or return to player percentage (RTP) of is two of the same things to describe in very different ways. For instance, a slot with 40% RTP will offer you back a total of $40 for every $100 for an average beyond the hundreds and thousands of spins. Even though RTP might not be the best parameter to judge the amount of money a player can win, it is certainly a well-integrated way to showcase how cordial a slot can inherently be. When it comes to the Buffalo slot machine RTP, it has an RTP of 94.85% which is way higher than the brick-and-mortar counterpart of it for an average slot game.

The A slot’s behaviour is determined by its volatility or variance in a slot game. A high volatility slot is somewhat of a not-so-frequent payout game, however, it will generally pay quite a high amount whenever it does pay.

Lower volatility slots plummet the chances of both risk as well as reward, dishing money out more often than usual, however, in quite lesser amounts. Both these ways are quite detrimental to a player’s finance, however, volatility benefits different players in unimaginable ways. The ones who are high rollers are recommended high volatility slots although, players with a much lower resource prefer lower volatility slots.

Buffalo is considered to be a high volatility slot, but is quite playable with the help of just 1¢ per spin, stating this a pretty decent choice for players of all kinds of budgets who aren’t afraid of trying a slot with much higher volatility

A comparative analysis of Buffalo Slot with other slots games

A comparative analysis of Buffalo Slot with other slots games
A comparative analysis of Buffalo Slot with other slots games

When the player hits around the limit of $400,000 and lands the biggest win as well as the biggest multiplier of 27x during the free spins feature, Buffalo has got quite a comparatively high jackpot for a game besides the progressive jackpot games.

This jackpot amount is considered by players to be better than majority of the Aristocrat games, even though, some sequels beat it such as the Buffalo Grand’s progressive Grand Jackpot slot game which has been accounted for paying something close to a $1 million once.

The standard Buffalo slot machine

Buffalo Keno Slot Machine is one of the most-played slot games of all time. This is a fast-paced and exciting game where you have to fill the screen with Buffalo symbols to win. This game is a part of the Xtra Reel Power feature of some Aristocrat games, and you have 1024 ways to win in this no-pay lines slot game.

The Buffalo slots can be played online for free or for real money. The game pays out for combinations made from left to right on the paylines. Players can choose a coin denomination of anywhere from 1 cent to $2. You can win huge amounts with your bet in this exciting slot game.

There are various other slot games developed by Aristocrat with a similar name like Buffalo Grand slot, Buffalo Deluxe, Buffalo 1204 ways to win, Buffalo poker and many others.


1. What is Buffalo Keno?

Buffalo Keno is considered to be quite a famous slot machine game that integrates the elements of the classic slot machine with many traditional aspects of the ancient game of keno. Players can wager on one or a variety of lines and try to match a specific number of drawn numbers with their picked numbers to cash out prizes.

2. How do you play Buffalo Keno?

To experience this amazing slot machine, players first need to bet on one or more multiple lines. Following this, they can pick between one to ten numbers from a total pool of 80. The game then randomly draws 20 numbers, and players are able to win prizes based on certain matches of their drawn numbers with their picked numbers.

3. What are the chances of winning in Buffalo Keno?

The chances of winning in Buffalo Keno are entirely dependent on the number of numbers you pick and the sum of money that you wager. The more numbers you pick, the better chances you stand at winning. Although, it’s quite necessary to ensure that the odds of winning are still quite comparatively low.

4. Can you elevate your chances of winning in Buffalo Keno?

Even though there are no guaranteeing strategies to win in Buffalo Keno, some players do find it to be quite helpful to pick numbers that have come across them too frequently in the latest rounds or to enjoy playing for a longer amount of time to increase their chances of winning.

5. What are the top prizes in Buffalo Keno?

The best price for a single round can be quite extortionate in Buffalo Keno, and players can win even bigger and better prizes by playing many rounds or even by experiencing the bonus rounds.

6. How can I play Buffalo Keno responsibly?

To experience Buffalo Keno responsibly, it is very necessary for you to fix a budget for yourself and stick to it. Also, steer clear of chasing any losses and always remember that the gambling exercise is completely for fun and not a means to generate exorbitant amounts of revenue.


This is everything there is to know about the Buffalo Keno slot machine and how to win it.

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