How To Check Keno Results In Alberta

How to check keno ticket in Alberta
How to check keno ticket in Alberta

Keno is one of the most popular casino games. The games of keno occur on a regular basis at the casinos. The time between games is often only a few minutes. That means a person can purchase a new keno ticket at the casino and have a chance to win the same jackpot.

In Alberta, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) has bought the game of keno out of the casinos and into the hands of people that want to play them without having to go very far. Keno lottery tickets are sold either online or at authorized retailers. The games of keno happen every five minutes. People who play the keno or keno bonus game have the opportunity to win $100,000 when they play the game.

The reason that people play the game of keno that is offered by the WCLC is that they want to win. The goal is to win the big bonus jackpot of $100,000. When a person buys that ticket, they often begin to imagine what they will do when they actually win.

It is fun to take the chance to play the game of keno and people are appreciative of the WCLC to give them that chance. What many people will wonder is how they know if the ticket they bought is a winner or not. Many people will buy the ticket and stash it away ad will want to look at it later to see if they won. It is important that you know how to check the keno results so you can collect your big payday when you win.

How to play Keno

How to play Keno
How to play Keno
  • Register a KENO playslip with the quantity of spots (numbers) you want to experience every game.  Pick from 1 to 10 spots.
  • Pick the amount of money you want to wager on every game:  $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $10 or $20.  This game is the perfect embodiment of high risk, high reward.
  • Choose the number of games in a row you desire to play:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 or 20.
  • Highlight your numbers ranging from 1 to 80.  Or even mark “Quick Pick” and allow the computer arbitrarily to choose your numbers for you.  The amount of numbers you pick must be the same as the number of spots you picked to enjoy.  (For instance: If you select “4 spots” in the first section of the playslip you need to pick 4 numbers from the fourth section.)
    If you select to buy a Quick Pick, you need to inform the Retailer how many numbers you desire for every game, how much you need to offer every game, and the number of games you want to experience.
  • Pick the BONUS MULTIPLIER option for the odds of increasing your prize. The BONUS MULTIPLIER increases the total ticket cost by two-fold and multiplies any prize acclaimed won with the help of a BONUS MULTIPLIER number chosen for the game. 
  • The BONUS MULTIPLIER is selected randomly just before every single drawing. $1,000,000 is the most prize per game that can offer on any single KENO game ticket with the help of a BONUS MULTIPLIER, completely independent of the amount bet on.

How to Check Keno Results


There are several ways you can check your lottery tickets.

Either you can use the Ticket Checkers at your Lottery Retailer or check your Keno result and compare your numbers to the winning numbers on WCLC website or download the Lottery Manager App

It doesn’t take long to check your Selections, and this way you will know if you have won a prize and how much that prize is.

  • You can sign up for their MVP Service and have the winning numbers emailed to you.
  • Use the self-serve Ticket Checkers at Lottery Retailers.
  • Use the ticket checker feature on the WCLC Lottery Manager App.
  • Check the winning numbers printed and posted at lottery retailers.
  • Call the Winning Numbers Lines for the most recent numbers.
  • Edmonton (780) 459-5100
  • Calgary (403) 275-8101
  • Regina (306) 525-0591
  • Saskatoon (306) 244-1780
  • Winnipeg (204) 780-5825

Also if you purchased your tickets in Manitoba through, you will receive a courtesy email notification if you have won a prize.

If you experience any difficulty while checking your tickets, or have any concerns about a lottery retailer, you can contact them via email or by phone at 1-800-665-3313, and follow the directions to speak with Customer Care Monday to Friday during regular business hours.

Checking your ticket with WCLC phone app

Check ticket with iPad

With their free Lottery Manager App you get all your lottery information on the go including checking your tickets with your smartphone.

Click here to Download the app

Use the ticket checker feature to scan your draw-based, to find out if your ticket is a winner!

The ticket checker feature uses the camera on your phone to scan the ticket barcode to determine if your ticket is a winner and how much you have won!

For best results, Apple devices should be running iOS version 8.0 and higher, and Android devices should be running v.5.0 and higher.

Checking the ticket checker machine at the retailer

WCLC ticket checking machine
  • Use the Ticket Checkers at your lottery retailer.
  • Wait for the message, “CHECK YOUR TICKETS HERE”.
  • Insert the bar code under the red light – the bar code is located at the bottom of the ticket
  • Move the bar code slowly through the light, until you hear a BEEP. Prize information will then appear on the screen.

Another option is to take your ticket to one of the authorized retailers and ask them to check to see if the ticket is a winner. They will be able to run the ticket through a database to tell you if you won and how much you have won.

When you buy a ticket, you will get a copy of the numbers that you have chosen. There will also be a number called the draw number. The draw number relates to the specific keno drawing that you have picked a number for.

Check your ticket at WCLC online

Keno results

Also, the easiest way to check the results of the keno draws is to go to the WCLC website. There you will find a selection that is labelled winning numbers. Go to the Keno tab and you will see a chart that includes the draw number and the winning numbers for that draw. Match up your ticket draw number with the one listed on the site. It is also possible to search the site by the date of the draw or the actual draw number.

Why check numbers

One of the obvious reasons to check the number is to see if the ticket you have bought is a winner. A second reason is to look for trends in the numbers. There are many people that feel they can gain an advantage by looking for hot numbers or cold numbers to choose from on a drawing. This may or may not work. The game of keno is random, but there is some use of statistical analysis to help choose numbers. The only way to use that strategy is by checking the recent winning numbers for the game of keno.

FAQ Section

1. How is Keno played in Alberta?

Keno is considered a lottery-style game where players can pick any number from one to ten on a Keno card. The numbers can be picked arbitrarily or chosen by the player. Once the numbers are picked, the player then puts a wager on the numbers. The bet can vary from just a few cents to multiple dollars, entirely dependent on the player’s budget. Once the bet is put on the line, the numbers are drawn. The player wins a cash prize if his numbers are similar to the numbers that he draws.

2. How often are Keno numbers drawn in Alberta?

Keno numbers are drawn every few minutes in Alberta.

3. How can I check Keno results in Alberta?

You can have a look at the Keno results in Alberta by visiting the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission (AGLC) website and clicking on the “Keno” section to observe the most recent winning numbers. You can also swing by a Keno retailer or check the numbers yourself showcased at a participating venue. To add further, you can also check the results on your specific mobile devices, by installing the mobile application or you can easily check online through multiple websites that offer these results.

4. Can I claim a Keno prize in Alberta with a winning ticket and a valid ID?

Yes, in order to claim a prize, players need to present their winning Keno ticket as well as a valid government-issued ID to the AGLC.

5. Are there different prize levels for different numbers of matches?

Yes, the number of the prize is entirely dependent on the number of matches and the amount of the wager.

6. Is it important to double-check my numbers before claiming a prize?

Yes, before you claim the prize always make sure to double-check your numbers.


These are a few methods by which you can claim to check the numbers on Keno in Alberta.

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