Strategies To Adapt While Playing Daily Keno Canada

Daily Keno

Many people dream of winning some type of prize that gives them a lot of money. That dream leads many people to different casinos around the world and online. Others enter every contest that they can find with the hope of winning big.

You must have heard of a daily keno lottery game. It is a type of lottery game that has every day two draws. To start with let’s dig into the history of keno games!  

History of Keno

History of Keno

Keno game has a history of thousands of years. This ancient game originated in China. It travelled to America along with Chinese immigrants in the 19th century, from where it moved to the traditional casinos and those online around the world.

1. Chinese Keno

Keno started from Chinese

As per the belief, the game was created by Cheung Leung. It is said that during the war, Cheung stops to offer further financial aid to the army because he was worried about his death. Leung invented Keno to raise funds for the army and his hometown. Surprisingly, these Kenos generated enough money to help the army to defeat enemies.

2. Inspiration from a Poem

Inspiration from a Poem

Leung created Keno based on the ancient “Poem of a thousand characters”. This poem is comprised of a thousand different characters in the rhymed format. This also helped children to learn to write. He used 120 characters from the original poem and put them on board as it is not in the form of a lotto coupon. Players need to mark at least 10 numbers on the coupon using black ink.

3. Keno Spots

Keno Spots History

The term “Keno Spots” specifies the ink markers. The characters in the poem have some specific meanings like clouds, stupid losers, and dew. But the game is not about losing so you will not find many of them. The card with all the signs represents Yin and Yang, good and evil.

After the popularity of keno, it spread to other cities and villages all over China. Legend says the Great Wall of China got funds from the profit of Keno also. It starts earning the name “Big White Dove Game” in China as the game result was sent to other cities using white racing pigeons.

4. Soaring Popularity

Soaring Popularity of Keno Sports

The game was so popular that people wait until late at night for the arrival of white pigeons with the results of keno. But over time, the number of characters cut down to 90 from 120. When the game came to the United States in the late 1850s, the count of numbers was further cut down to 80.

5. Keno in America

Keno in America

This game reached America with Chinese immigrants working on the railways. Although gambling was not legal, it was still popular among them. The largest population of Chinese immigrants was in the San Francisco area and it made Keno blossom here first. Immigrants play keno to relax after the end of hard work. For non-Chinese people, Keno’s characters were difficult and incomprehensible. This made them convert into Arabic numbers. This made Keno popular amongst the English-speaking population also. This is how Keno started in the United States.

Keno got the name Race House Keno

Even after gambling got legal in the United States in 1931, lotteries remained prohibited. To stay in the business, avid Keno players changed the name of the game to “Race Horse Keno”, leaving the impression that it is a horse races game. With this, they could keep playing at Keno even though the lotteries were banned. Today, one of the keno rounds is a race. However, the government has not given way making Race Horse Keno a taxable game. After legalizing the lottery, Keno backed to its original form.

6. Keno’s first steps in casinos

Keno’s first steps in casinos

Keno made it sway to the casinos at the beginning of the 20th century. Earlier, 80 numbers were written on paper, which was rolled and put in tubes. Initially, 20 numbers were taken out from the tubes, which were the winning numbers. Over time, pieces of paper in the tubes were replaced with wooden balls with carved numbers. These balls were termed peas.

7. Evolving Keno

Evolving Keno

Later, the owner of the casino Warren Nelson from Nevada created a mechanism for drawing balls from a rotating cage. Nelson introduced his casino in Nevada in 1936, where people started to play Keno. This is how people are still playing Keno in casinos based on the basics invented by Nelson. With the growth of Keno, its profits were restricted. In 1963, Keno’s total profit was limited to $ 25,000. In 1979, this amount increased to $ 50,000. Today, every casino has a specific limit.

Over time, technology evolved and keno also tweaked accordingly. Today computers have helped make it more efficient and faster. There are quite a few casinos in which you can play it online. Keno is also gaining space on the Internet. Along with the online boom in the 90s, there was an attack on online casinos. This made Keno more and more popular due to the simplicity of the game.

8. Internet Keno Casino

Internet Keno Casino

With the introduction of the casinos, Keno also gets entry into it. Due to its unusual history, keno is one of the most popular games. Online Keno appears just like traditional keno. You will find a board with 80 numbers where you can choose 15 numbers. After starting the game, the bubble lands on the winning numbers. Your win depends on how many of your chosen numbers are hit.

Each time you start the game, you learn what chance you have to win. The minimum keno bets are much smaller than in traditional casinos. This makes it more affordable for most players. Today, millions of people are playing online keno almost regularly.

It’s hard to believe that people are still playing a game that’s over 3,000 years old. This also shows that the Chinese know exactly how to create different things. You may not understand the characters from the Chinese poem today, but the excitement of playing this game and the results are easy to fathom.

Daily Keno – A top Lottery game

In Canada, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation runs the OLG Daily Keno as one of their top lottery games followed by Atlantic Keno as the second most popular Lotto game. You will find a wide range of bets that makes it easy to wager as much as you want with different levels of risk. The Daily Keno is one of their most popular games with thousands of people playing every single day.

How to play Daily Keno Canada

Daily Keno

The game consists of a board that contains the numbers 1 to 70. Players choose between 2 and 10 numbers for their tickets. They decide how much they want to bet on each ticket. The amount that a person can win depends on the number of numbers they choose and how many of those winning numbers match with the draw in the Daily Keno Canada. It is possible to win a jackpot of $250,000.

Before trying to win the daily Keno lottery you must know how to play. There are a couple of options that need to be considered when making choices.

  • Twenty winning numbers between 1 and 70 are drawn.
  • There are two draws per day – at 2 p.m. (Eastern Time) known as Midday draw and a 10:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) called the Evening draw each day.
  • You can choose the Pick category you would like to play. Choose from a 2 PICK (2 numbers) up to a 10 PICK (10 numbers).
  • Bet $1, $2, $5 or $10. The more you bet, the more you can win
  • Match your numbers to the 20 winning numbers to win
Daily Keno

There are two ways to decide what numbers to pick once you have decided how many numbers you want to pick. You can opt for a quick-pick ticket. This means the computer will select your numbers at random. The player only chooses how much and how many numbers to bet. The second way to pick numbers is to choose your numbers. It is difficult to say which method gives you better odds of winning. The predictions that you make are often as good as the ones that the computer makes.

Mid Day and Evening Draw

One important thing that people want to know is what time is daily keno draw takes place. The Daily Keno Canada draws two times every day. There is a midday drawing and an evening drawing.

Check out the winning numbers now

The second concern that players have is how to choose the best numbers. It is not possible to know what the winning numbers will be, but it is possible to know what past winning daily keno Canada numbers are. There are plenty of lists that provide the past winning numbers that have been drawn for the Keno Midday numbers and the evening numbers. It is possible to determine the frequency of the numbers drawn to come up with a list of numbers to play consistently.

Few things to remember

  • Encore is available on Daily Keno to play for only $1
  • Lottery players can win from $2 to $2.5 million playing Daily Keno
  • You can play up to two boards using the new daily Keno selection slip or up to four boards if you are playing Quick Pick at a lottery retailer.
  • The most popular Daily Keno selections are 4 Pick, 5 Pick, and 10 Pick. The majority of Daily Keno players select their numbers rather than using Quick Pick. When you choose Quick Pick, the retailer will ask you how many numbers you want to play and how much you want to bet.
  • A 2 p.m. Midday drawing will be added for Pick-2, Pick-3, Pick-4, Daily Keno, and Encore only.
  • There is no effect on the odds or rules for Daily Keno games aside from the fact that there are now two daily draws for this game.
  • Always fill out and sign your ticket as your ticket needs to have all the required information filled out on the front and back of the ticket.
  • Also, check your ticket yourself to see if you have won and have your customer receipt with you.

Check your results with Daily Keno OLG App

Recently OLG launched an app where you can check your Daily Keno lotto results on the go whenever you wish to.  You can scan your tickets and if you have an OLG Gift card, check your money balance, find the winning numbers, get jackpot reminders, and discover the closest OLG retailers to your location, allowing you to take care of all your lottery needs at your convenience.

Here are some of the features that you can find in the Lottery app:

  • Ticket Scanner: This will allow you to scan your ticket to check your results on the go, no matter where you are!
  • Retail Finder: You can now search the nearest retailers to get your tickets or other lottery needs.
  • Winning Numbers: You can see all the winning numbers and jackpots from your favourite OLG lottery game this includes Lotto 649, Lotto Max, Daily Grand, and more.
  • Gift Card Scanner: You can also scan your gift card if you have received it for your birthday. You do not have to remember how much money you have left on it! You can check your OLG gift card balance easily right from the app.
  • Jackpot Reminders: Using this app you can set jackpot reminders for your favourite OLG games. So you do not have to worry about missing a draw again.

Download the app now at iTunes all free for iOS  devices and for Android at the Google play store

Ways to Win Daily Keno Canada

How to win Daily Keno
How to win Daily Keno

There are a total of 22 different ways to win Daily Keno Canada. However, the most popular bet is the 10 Pick where you guess 10 of the 20 numbers that may appear in the draw. The odds of getting 10 numbers right are one in 2,147,181, and this pays out $250,000 for every dollar that you bet.

Getting nine numbers right pays $5,000 times the size of your bet, and the chances are one in 47,238. Hitting eight numbers has a one in 2,571 chance with a $200 prize per dollar wagered, and matching seven numbers pays a $25 prize for every dollar that you bet on your ticket with a 1 in 261 chance of hitting.

You also have a one in 39 chance of getting exactly zero numbers correct, and you win a $2 prize on a $1 bet for this result.

Game of luck and strategy

Winning any lottery is part chance and part strategy. To come up with a strategy, you need to make sure you understand the odds at every bet is made. You need to take the time to study the numbers and the randomness with which the draw takes place in this game. Doing these things will help you come up with a strategy that may help win the jackpot you desire. There is one part of the strategy that you must not miss out on.

Do not forget to buy the tickets for daily keno Canada. The only sure way to win the lottery is to buy the ticket that has the winning numbers. If you do not buy a ticket, you cannot win.

How to claim price if you win in Daily Keno

In case you win Daily Keno Canada or any of the OLG lotto you need to take your signed ticket to the OLG retailer for prize verification at a lottery terminal. If you have won you will see a winning message on the Customer Display Screen and hear a winning message play from the lottery terminal.

For lotto tickets, your winning prize amount appears on the front, left-hand side of your original ticket. If the retailer can pay your prize, he or she will tear through the bar code of your paid-out ticket, and return the validated ticket to you along with the corresponding Customer Receipt.

If a retailer is unable to validate your ticket because it is not in good shape you must mail it to the Prize Centre to determine if the ticket has won a prize.

The retailer can pay up to $50

The retailer will pay your prize amount in cash. Every retailer can pay up to (and including) $50. Retailers have the option to pay up to $999.90 (as long as they have the cash available).

If you still have draws remaining on your winning ticket, you will be provided with an Exchange Ticket from the lottery terminal. This will be your ticket for the remaining draws.

Check here as how to claim prize in case of winning Daily Keno


These are a few strategies you can use while playing Keno Canada.

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